Thu March 30, 2017, Spielbar 19h30 (open gaming night)

Hello guys!

So, this Thursday is our next open game day.

As mentioned, I will be continuing our exciting “Lost Mines of Phandelver” adventures for D&D 5th editions.
Quite a few people have expressed interest, so I hope the table won’t be too crowded… We’ll see…


Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it, as I have to start working at 10 on Thursday. =(

Edit: Seems like I might be able to make it!
Curious about the D&D 5E game: Do we start over with the new chars or do we continue where we left off previously, replacing our chars?

Barring unforseen complications, I plan on being there this week. As I am unable to reliably commit to the monthly D&D campaign, I won’t occupy a seat at that table. anyone else coming for non-campaign-related gaming? I can run something if necessary. Advance warning: it will be probably be somewhat improvised, and definitely very silly.

I will most definitely be there!

@Andy089 I hope you can be there! And as far as I know, Simon said he would restart the campaign, if the major part of players would want that. I’m fine with either option.

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Consider me there.

@Simon Let’s hope the campaign goes better than having a suicidal rogue run off to fight some goblins.

@Andy089 Hope to meet you there.

As Parsley says, I am planning on asking what option people prefers.
I don’t want to force you guys to go through the part of the adventure you already know… On the other hand, some people seem to prefer this option so, we will decide Thursday…

Well as I said, I’ll be there and am really looking forward

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I’ll be there as well.

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I’m going to be there too, but i do not have a 5e character yet.

So i’d be up for that then :smiley:

I’ll be there, and would love to play the 5th ed scenario, but if it looks like it’ll be too crowded, I’d also be happy to run a Call of Cthulhu scenario in which everybody goes stupendously insane.

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I’ll probably be there, so count me in for any non-campaign stuff! :slight_smile:

Oh yes: it would be splendiferous if one of you could print out a half dozen of these for tonight. Many thanks!

Sorry for the late notice but looks like I could be there tonight

I’m happy to play on the extras table.

I’m coming too tonight.

Rolemaster night!

Real life has interceded in my plans to play games once more. Maybe next week, have fun.

It seems the Canadian tingent of players is out tonight. I sadly cannot make it due to illness. Please enjoy yourselves!

Edit: Sorry guys, I am not coming. Not feeling too well and I have to get up REALLY early tomorrow.
Have fun!

I am on my way too.
Work and stuff

Thanks again for the game, Simon - it was a blast! :smiley:

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