Thu March 23, 2017, Spielbar 19h30 (open gaming night)

Hello, what’s the plan for this Thursday?

Beats me. I can offer some more dungeon crawling if anyone’s interested.

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How about we kill some blobs? Jellys? What about a dragon? I’m in, regardless.

Sadly I cannot make it this week - have fun!

How about we go on with the game we played last thursday and just get some new people into it? :slight_smile:

I just found out that it may be possible that I won’t be able to come or be running late. I’m gonna update you if I know something more distinct. Sorry. :confounded:

Edit: I’m unfortunately not able to stop by today but I’ll be there next week for the Campaign game. :slight_smile:

I’ll be there and looking for sure

I will be there too - count me in for whatever it will be.

I hope to be there - not 100% sure.

I am also not 100%, but hopefully will be there.

Two tables then, it seems.

See you tomorrow!

I am a bit sleep deprived but I will join in and might run something if needed

Sorry, looks like I won’t make it tonight. Hopefully next week!

Thanks for the game Harald!

Did we all die? :slight_smile:

Sorry for my absence. Work kept me late - damned evil dragons irl kept me at my desk until late.

How did it go?

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Nobody died. The pig is multiclassing Warlock - bard

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