Thu March 17, 02016, 7pm, Spielbar

Wow, last week’s game sucked eggs, didn’t it? Apologies once more. Mea stupid culpa.

Nonetheless, we’ll be giving it another shot this Thursday. Who’s coming? Who’s running? Hopefully, that stinkfest will have inspired someone to come up with something worth playing

It wasn’t bad - I had fun.

As for this week I hope I can make it but I’m not sure yet.

Will be there, no time to prepare something though.

I will be there and if you all promise to play nice I can attempt to DM a game where everyone is a friendly, human eating, troll.

Humans? Omnomnom… I like Knights… Crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle. :smiley:

Coming and looking forward to eating some human flesh :smiley:

I’ll be there!

I have the beginnings of an adventure but no system to run it in yet, so it will need to develop a bit more first.

Will you be starting your campaign this week, H?

I should make it but late, around 8PM

Sorry, I won’t make it this time. See you in April!

Me neither but have fun guys!

I thought today was all about leprechauns?

After last week, I think I need a day off.

Since Simon’s coming late, though, I wouldn’t be averse to kicking around a few character concepts if anyone is so inclined.

See you later!

We just paint your troll green. K?