Thu March 16, 02016, Spielbar 7pm (open gaming night)

Who’s in for a pre-St. Patrick’s game on Thursday?

I’ll finally be there again and would love to run something. Any interest in old school D&D amid all the 5th ed. euphoria?

Sure, I’ll be running a dragonborn warlock… :wink:

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No thanks! wasn’t much of a fan of 4th edition.

I really should show my face at the Spielbar sometime soon though

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I’ll be there! I’ll play old school D&D, can I have a goat?

I should be there.

Can’t make it this week - sorry ladies and gents. Heading to see some flying acrobats at the Cirque. Let there be carnage! I mean at your session… not at the evening performance. Goodness I’ll stop rambling. I sound like you brother @MrBeerBear.

Hey there. :slight_smile:

Is it to late to tell you I’m able to come too?
Will it be 5th Edition DnD or something else? I didn’t really get that.

I will come tomorrow as well, sorry for the late response

Old school D&D? Heated debates about which rules were applied in which version? Of course I will be there!

@Ryou-Kenshin: Not at all, we will be glad if you join to us!
This game will be DnD, but not 5e (however, @H is always full of surprises, so only time will tell…).
Don’t worry, independently from your experience of the other versions, we always provide the necessary info for the games and gladly help out with the details.


Thanks. :slight_smile:

Do I bring a character concept or something else except my dice and some writing utensils?
Ok. I’ll happily be there. See ya there. :blush:

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Generally, these Thursday games are one shot and the GM brings character sheets. Only your dice and pens are required.

Sadly I can’t come this week, since I’m DM’ing for my online group and haven’t found a way yet to be at two spots at the same time :confused:

@Crimson_Skye Still better than going about and staring at people with those weird eyes… :sweat_smile: :grimacing:

I wish I could come, but sadly I have to work and will be a staggering zombie once I am done. I would have loved to finally get a decent game going, even if it is a one-shot :frowning:
Oh well, maybe some other time

Hope you guys have fun :smiley:

I should be able to make it too - although I believe my sleep pattern will hate me even more. If possible. But I gotta set priorities!. :smile:

Kids these days … (Funny, though, I seem to recall a lot of love for 4th ed. when it was the hot new thing.)

But yeah, you really should drop by more often. This group needs more Neil.

In any case, looks like two tables tonight even without our fearless leader.

And since, S_journ aside, there doesn’t seem to be all that much enthusiasm for D&D tonight, would you guys prefer something else like Call of Cthulhu instead?

Really - an actual Call of Cthulhu game not a “Basic Roleplay Game”?

If we need two tables I could maybe run something, especially as this has just come to my attention:

[quote=“gridshadow, post:16, topic:1892, full:true”]
Really - an actual Call of Cthulhu game not a “Basic Roleplay Game”?[/quote]
Could be a double bluff.

I and my boyfriend will be there again tonight.

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Running a little late as usual, apologies. Should be there by 8 though.

Thanks for the game Scott!