Thu Mar 3, 2016, Spielbar 7pm (open gaming night)

Who’s in?
Who’s next?
Who’s gonna run something?

I’ll be there. Have a dentist’s appointment late in the afternoon, but will hopefully make it on time (and capable of speech).

I could offer a Bellairsian game either this week or next (John Bellairs passed away 25 years ago next Monday) if anyone’s interested. Next week might allow for a bit more prepwork.

Actually, come to think of it, much of last week’s game was already fairly Bellairsian. And so was the Gygax game. But still, one more can’t hurt, right? Especially when it’s gray and windy outside.

peeks around and nods knowingly

Aye, ill winds…

I’m in! :slight_smile:

Does that mean you probably wont be able to make it early in order to create Alternity characters (like we discussed last week)?

Means I’ll hopefully be there as planned, but can’t guarantee anything. Sorry 'bout that.

I believe I will be there tonight, but if things change at the last minute I’ll post a withdrawal as early as possible

Means I’ll hopefully be there as planned, but can’t guarantee anything. Sorry 'bout that.[/quote]

Fair enough. I’ll be there tonight anyway.

And then, there will be cake.

…well muffins in fact.

Nobody else running anything?

I’ve half-prepared (one side of the envelope) a little game based on Bellairs’s most famous book, The House with a Clock in its Walls. It’s a gothic tale set in 1948 that might be suitable for a gray day such as this one.

The system will be BRP. For those interested in system, I’ll be trying out some sort of mechanism in which a character’s power will be inversely proportional to the number of scenes he or she gets, because balance is apparently important, or so I’m told, and I haven’t seen balance handled that way anywhere.

Bellairs himself is familiar to roleplayers from his inclusion in Gygax’s famous Appendix N (expanded as Appendix E in the latest edition), which lists inspirations for D&D. He’s also one of the most intriguing what ifs in fantasy (what if his editor hadn’t steered him toward kids’ books?), and his A Face in the Frost is a common entry in lists of all-time classics. He’s one of the best I’ve read at creating a genuinely spooky atmosphere, and his themes tend to pop up (amateurishly) in the games I run quite a bit. His work is probably also well known to fans of Edward Gorey, who illustrated many of his books.

Bellairs was also the first fantasy writer I ever met in the flesh, quite a long time ago.

In any case, that’s what I can offer tonight if anyone’s interested (dentistry permitting). There is some - quite unintended - overlap with last week’s game, however. Oh well.

I’ll be there, will try to be early to make characters. No guarantees, though - my boss just remembered he has to give a lecture tomorrow and asked me to write it :unamused:

@H: do you have enough character sheets?

@rest: cinnamon apple muffins to be precise

[quote=“Chylli”]@H: do you have enough character sheets?

@rest: cinnamon apple muffins to be precise[/quote]
Wait a minute, why do the muffins only apply to the rest of the group? :smiley:

But yes, still have plenty from last week. Thanks again!

Dentist + Muffins = ?

edit: but sure, you may have muffins too. Will I get some extra points?

Hello everyone, long time no see! We’d like to come along too despite the short notice - we hope that’s ok!

I’m leaving now, 30 mins I’m there (Alternity and stuff, Rock’n’roll)


The cake is a lie!
Muffins are truth!
The pie is insight!

Ah, pie. The tastiest letter.