Thu Mar 24, 2016, Spielbar 7pm (open gaming night)


Who’s going to be there?
Who offers to run a game?

I’ll be there.
I can run something if needed. I’ll even try to have am something ready: maybe something in D&finder or something using Wild Talent, the “one roll engine” super-hero game…

I’m a maybe at this point. But if I make it I’ll have a mystery game ready to go.

looking good guys. I’ll be there.

Rather small group today…

I should be there - meeting’s just over, so it looks like I can leave work on time today.

That’s good. I’ve got something for you.

No H? It won’t be the same without everyone suspecting him:D

You can’t pin this one on me! I’m out of town with witnesses! Let’s see you crack that alibi!


Curses! Foiled again!

And tonight’s D&D session was brought to you by Ivar the Boneless and Kegg, God of beer. Kegg, the all you can drink jacuzzi!