Thu Mar 10, 2016, Spielbar 7pm (open gaming night)

early announcements most welcome

PS: please take care for your bills, last time 25€ were left on the house (including two meals)

There are a few people usually paying the leftover post on the bill (Doomcarrot, Simon, H and me) and all of us have spent at least a two digit amount on your forgetfulness. But as far as I’m concerned this has to end. So please be a bit more thoughtful when leaving, none of us is a millionaire (maybe because we kept paying other peoples bills).

Should be there.

No plans to run anything, and quite happy to sit back and play. Anybody have anything planned?

If we do need a game, please let me know sometime tomorrow and I’ll scare up some MERP or something.

See you Thursday!

Hey H, relaxed evening with a drink? :smiley:

Heh, sure. But I still wouldn’t place any bets against seven people showing up as usual.

See you there :wink:

I should be there, sorry for not saying earlier - been away from the internet for work!

I’ll be there.

Damn, looks like someone has to actually run something.

Yeah yeah yeah …

To that end, anyone able to print out a few of these? Thanks!

Printing sure but might be running late. Better start without me if I’m not there. Maybe I’ll hop in later.

I’m stuck late at work, will get down there as soon as I can, though!

Yeah yeah yeah …

To that end, anyone able to print out a few of these? Thanks![/quote]
Printed out 6 copies

Thanks, I’ll be on time but forgot to print.

I’m gonna be there in about 15 mins