Thu Jun 9, 2016, Spielbar 7pm (open gaming night)

Who’s with us?
Who will DM?
What game?

It’s GJ II, isn’t it?

Depends… He might be busy being Robin and fighting one of my… erm… Batmans supervillains instead…

GJ probably.
Should be more mentally stable this time around!

[quote=“Chylli”]Depends… He might be busy being Robin and fighting one of my… erm… Batmans supervillains instead…

Sparkly Sprinkle rides again!

Sparkly Sprinkle, to the skunkmobil…

…yah… sounds legit…

I like your style, fellows.
Ok yeah, confirmed this weeks scheduling. I’ll be definatively free and in decent condition.
Let’s do this.

There’s also a graveyard kinda closeby now that I think about it. Digging up dead wizards’ spellbooks sounds like a good idea.

I’ll be there. :slight_smile:

Simon? Will you be there too?

I should be there this week

I am planning to.

I don’t think I will have anything ready, but I can improvise…

Actually my question was not about dm-ing. I’ve got something for you and I don’t want to bring it in vain.

So is there any chance of regular board gaming or only RPG? I’m interested if so. Though I know noone … :smiley:

Outch, should I prepare my knee-caps?

Well, the site is about RPG, and the weekly RPG game is the only regular meeting we have so far… (they use to be a semi-regular netrunner meeting, but I do not believe it is still running).
Newbies are most welcome, it is quite easy to pick up and tons of fun!

That being said, nerds are nerds and many of us also are enthusiastic board game players. So, you should be able to recruit people on these boards for board games.
We could start a forum thread on this subject or… you could join one of our Thursday games and mention it… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll be there too but as many others I was super tired last week and can’t remember much of what happened…

Easy. I was Indiana Jones and you fought evil robots. But we tricked them by pretending to be janitors and went on to the next area of the dungeon/facility.

Aside from that you were an elf and it’s quite fitting that you don’t get our foolish human behaviour.