Thu Jun 23, 2016, Spielbar 7pm (open gaming night)

The EM takes a break before the round of 16, so we will be able to concentrate on the truly important things in life again.

Who will be there? Who will DM?

I’ll be there.

I’ll be there, too, and can offer some campaignishness if desired.

Sounds good!

And if the one and only Carrot announces her appearance there will be DoomCarrots Carrot Muffins of Doom and Compensation.

Hi, I’m new to this forum, so I got a few questions for the open gaming night:
Which language do you play in? Do you make your characters on the spot? How long will you play (i just need a rough estimate)?

  • We play in standard nerdy English*
  • We aim to finish early enough so the last public transportation can be reached, which means we end usually around 11pm to midnight
  • Characters are either generated on the spot or provided by the DM (unless specifically announced otherwise)
  • Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

*“You need D-twenties for that and some D-six for the character generation.” surely is not within the realm of standard Oxford English but more within standard nerdy English. :wink:

I think I’ll give it a shot, but isn’t the place usually crowded in the evening?

It used to be crowded with werewolf players, but I think they finally ate all the villagers and left.

Would like to drop by, but am not sure if I’ll make it. Let’s keep it as a big maybe, folks.

On other news, I’d like to order a palette of Yubble. Who do I need to contact for it?

On other news, I’d like to order a palette of Yubble. Who do I need to contact for it?[/quote]

I’ll tell my people to call your people.

I’ll be there.

draws summoning circle

Doomy Carrot, Doomy Carrot, Doomy Carrot.

I should be there.

uses mighty spell component to summon the mighty Carrot of Doom

I feel this strange impulse - this irresistible pull calling my very life force to a certain table in a particular bar this evening.

Must. Go. To. Gaming.