Thu Jun 2, 2016, Spielbar 7pm (open gaming night)

Cupcakes not included this time.

Who will appear (DM?) anyway?

I will run a SW game but I already have a table full…

Will be there, bringing post-apoc dungeoneering as an option.

Also fellows, I believe we’re supposed to use the new subforum for the spielbar threads from now on.

I was so confused that my post suddenly wasn’t there anymore…

In-laws are in town, which means I can get out of the house and enjoy myself! I will be there, ON TIME no less (shock!). I’m afraid I have nothing to run, but I promise to try to be a good player for whoever is so generous as to run something!

-H-, I hope you’re there on Thursday, because I owe you a drink after running out so rudely last time!

I’ll be there, although I don’t recall any drinks being owed.

Dungeoneering sounds great this week. What time are you planning on starting, GJ?

I’ll be there at 7, so it’s just a matter of getting enough [color=#CBD2D5]victims.[/color] players

Simon, who’s already reserved for your table?

Hilde, Hanna, Stephan and Lukas…you probably don’t know them.

Also, Tam promised to show up…


I’ll be there :slight_smile:

I should be there this week.

I’ll probably be there in the 7:30-8 range.

See you later!

Thanks, GJ! Great stuff. And sorry for not going to Wisconsin as anticipated!

(Theory: If character generation is long enough, everybody gets the wisecracks out of their system then and is more prone to seriousness during the actual game. Will have to field-test.)

And also sorry for being zonked. Only a couple hours of sleep the night before plus long day. I think my internal clock was busted. Two decades ago = 70s?

Time to reset.

You fellows were fun, apologies for being drained that day.