Thu Jun 16, 2016, Spielbar 7pm (open BOARDGAMES night)

Due to the fact, that Germany will have a game at 9pm. We have decided to have a (shorter) board game night.

Hope to see you all.

No RPG on Thursday, then?

What board game are you planning on? I guess I could bring something…

[quote=“Simon”]No RPG on Thursday, then?
Hm, too bad.

If there will be enough non-football-interested people there can be the usual role-playing aswell. But there will be many people running of for the game at nine and since the boardgames wish was around anyways we thought of combining the benefits of both.

Sure you can bring something, but I think the Spielbar has some supply too. :slight_smile:

I’ll be there and I would only be peer-pressuredely-football-interested.

I’m there, and also have no interest in football.

Same here

Imya sinome.

Makes 4 on the non football and 3* on the football side so far.

Sounds like enough people for both endeavours. \o/ (<-- me with cheering pom poms)

(*Alrick and H additionally to me)

Board games are good. Alternately, I could also run a 7-9 RPG if desired.

Football is good, too. Touchdown!

I’d be happy to just play boardgames and get an early night. My coworkers would be amazed to see it’s possible for me to be in a good mood and to speak more that 3 words sentences on a Friday morning :smiley:
But I can also play RPG and not break the routine.

How about The Resistance? Had that on my shelf for a while and never played yet. Might be the right number of peoplefor a game like that.

Tbh I actually thought about The Resistance as well.

But since I recently managed to get a copy of it - if you guys want I could bring Secret Palpatine - it’s the inofficial Star Wars version of Secret Hitler. If you haven’t heard of it don’t be put off by the name.
It’s a kickstarter funded game that is somewhat similar to The Resistance but has more features that allow for a broader way of gameplay. Like The Resistance it is based on turn based votes and deception.
It needs at least 5 players and is best with 7+. (because some of the game’s features are different with a different number of players)

In short: it’s awesome and everyone I’ve played it with has had fun (I believe XD)

Having played both I definitely favor Secret Palpatine. :slight_smile:

I’ve wanted to play Secret Hitler for a while so I’m all for Secret Palpatine !

Secret Hitler finally gave me an excuse to constantly screaming “I WAS HITLER ALL ALONG” in public, so I second this.

I’ll be there. I will bring some RPG stuff, in case we can gather one small village to hold out against the footbalistic invaders…

Football? What’s that? Sounds boring :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m up for gaming, and will bring people’s loot. Currently on the way to Dublin Airport.

Well, according to the xkcd guy, football and roleplaying are pretty much the same thing, since they’re both just narratives based on weighted random numbers.

(Me, I think sports are the best source of both unexpected joy and collective joy available, as well as the best place to see improbable things happen. Not to mention an excuse to hang out and have a brew. Hang on, maybe sports are kind of like roleplaying.)

Then again, maybe it’s just a bunch of guys chasing after a stupid ball.

Secret Hitler finally gave me an excuse to constantly screaming “I WAS HITLER ALL ALONG” in public, so I second this.[/quote]

We would need at least 2 more people to play the game I fear. (5 total)
But apparently the others want to go for a short RPG or haven’t said anything yet.

I’ll bring the game anyway - just in case.

I should be there. I’m happy with either a board game or roleplay.

Don’t worry my loot tomorrow - I’ll pick it up at the Alternity game.

Compensation will follow next week…