Thu Jul 7, 2016, Spielbar 7pm (semi final, semi gaming)

Many of us are interested in the Germany France game and will stay in the front part of the Spielbar with a short game of before the match.

Of course our big table in the corner will be reserved aswell for those who do not care to watch 22 millionaires fight over 1 ball even though all of them could afford their own one.

Note to the football people:
We’re aiming for an early start so we actually have some time to play before the match starts which will be at 9. So if you can make it sixish of half past sixish please tell us and be there early.

Note to the non-football-interested:
Don’t worry, this will be the last football infested Thursday this year. Also please be a bit more enthusiastic about announcing your appearance this time so the others have a chance to plan a little ahead. (assumption: Simon will be ready to run something if needed but will appear around 8ish)

I’m with the football people and (hopefully) can make it shortly past six.

Barring either (a) other people wanting to DM, or (b) other people mangling appendages in buzzsaws, I got this.

Considering the soccer game I’ll skip this week. Have fun!

I’ll be there, and can be there at 6. :slight_smile:


While I will be running something, it looks like I already have a table full… :frowning: sad face…

Oh yah… I forgot… Theoretically we have the football people the non football people and your full sw-table… Well uhm… Let’s see how this works out…

Here’s a possibility (50.2% on our tried and true model):

It’s indie! It’s noir! It’s a “historical investigation”! It’s the Spielbar premiere of …

A Dirty World!

A Dirty World uses the one roll engine for Chandler/Hammett/Cain/Parker-esque scenarios. You’ll want a handful of d10s and a pencil with an eraser.

Also, if one of our superheroes could print up a few copies of the second page of this:, well, you’d be a superhero.

Sound like a plan for Thursday?

Well, plans change…
SW is postpone, so I will be able to offer and open table after all…

I am going to run a Basic or D20 modern gsme, I think…

Ok, if there’s a non-sportsball game on, count me in! What time will you be there, Simon?

Quick note: If anyone wants to go double-feature and play in both the early offering and Simon’s regularly scheduled game, let us know and I’ll try and finish up by whenever Simon wants to kick off.

Otherwise, I’ll be at Spielbar around 6, try to get things started around 6:30 (with the option of jumping in later if the table is still of a reasonable size), and have all the PCs dead by soccerball-watching time.

See you there!

Wait, did I say “dead”? I’m sorry, I of course meant “victorious”.

Stupid autocorrect.

"Non sports ball, you say? " He asked with what be thought was a cryptic smile but mostly let him look constipated…

Anyway, I am shooting for 19h or 19h30…