Thu Jul 21, 2016, Spielbar 7pm (open gaming night)

While hatching your eggs and hunting pokemon have a look into the Spielbar rest your legs and recharge your phone. And so you don’t get bored we might aswell have a round of pen and paper and a drink or two.

Maybe someone will run something?

Hope to see you all next Thursday. :slight_smile:

I should be able to make it this week fingers crossed

I’d love to join, but still trying to figure out what to do about summer-time transportation.
City bikes are sadly only covered around the central area.

I’ll be there.

I should be able to make it.

Has anyone of you already played the first narnia game with the stolen hens? If not I could do a re-run. Sadly I have no time to prepare something new.

PS: unless someone else wants to run something…

I didn’t play the stolen hens gme and would be happy to play Narnia. I keep meaning to prepare something to run again but didn’t find the time, I’ll try to be ready for next week.

I don’t think I played the first Narnia (think it was the second & third I played).

I might have something I could run - but no guarantee (haven’t had much time to prepare this week).

Well Narnia rulebook and all character sheets I could find are bagged :slight_smile:

Well I won’t be able to make it today. Have fun guys!