Thu Jul 14, 2016, Spielbar 7pm (open gaming night)

The film noir people will finish last week’s adventure.

Who else will be there? Who might run something?

I’m there and I think Simon’s going to try and continue our Star Wars (after we finish the film noir).

I seem to have caught some kind of stomach bug, so I’ll probably sit this one out. See you next week!

@DoomCarrot: Get better soon.

@film noir people: sixish won’t work for me for there’s too much work for me. Hopefully will make it half past six to sevrnish.

I should be there tonight.

So we have a continuation and a closed game (with one person participating in both), and people arriving at different times? No problem!

We’ll kick off A Dirty World around 6:30 once Chylli arrives, and this time, things will get very, very noir. Note that this game is not closed; if somebody else wants to jump in, please drop me a line. We’ll try to finish up around 8 so Meneldilme can head off to a galaxy far, far away and join Simon’s game.

Afterwards, since we’re already playing indie games, how about A Penny for My Thoughts? I don’t think we’ve ever played this here.

Get better, Doom, and see everyone else tonight!

If need be we just shoot Hanna so she can switch?

I’ll come around 8pm for the second act :slight_smile: