Thu Jan 28, 02016, 7pm, Spielbar

Who’s in this week?

Simon will be running a fantabulous D&D 5th edition extravaganza, so sharpen your sword and bring your best dice! I’ll also be offering a mystery at the kids’ table - see you Thursday!

Woohoo! I should be there, late as usual.

I will be there with a mild preference for 5th edition :slight_smile:

Hello guys, as mentioned I will be running a 5th Edition game… Not sure what it will be about yet…

Just a minor correction, however; I intend it to be a stab-vaganza…

I’ll be there. Up for both mystery and the 5th stabbing

I am, as always, feeling very stabby. But of course, if the game fills up beforehand I can be mystery-y

Well it’s the children’s table for me then.

Sneak preview:

The RAT Murders is a scenario for three player characters: a local cop, a state cop and a journalist. The intention is to create a mystery as a means of exploring the characters, to paraphrase Auburney, while at the same time offering an interesting conumndrum to solve. Characters will be pre-generated, but there should be plenty of room for creative interpretation.

The mystery itself is partially stolen from - er, an hommage to - an 80s Edgar winner. But I won’t feel guilty about that, since the 80s novel is itself an hommage to a 30s classic.

Then again, the last time I ran a two-cops-and-an-ink-slinger scenario, it didn’t even wind up being the same genre I expected, so who knows what’ll happen.

See you tomorrow!

I’d be up for either game - don’t worry H, I’ll be sure to keep your mystery focused and on-genre. [size=75][color=#BF0000]Mwahahaha. Fools![/color][/size]

I do have to attend to some bard business first - have to pick up an instrument from the repair shop after one adventure too many - so I can’t guarantee I’ll be there right at 7pm; should be before 7:30, though.

I’ll be there and will happily play either.

I’m coming too. See you.

I will be there also.

Since H and Alrik are both there. Stamp-Trading today?

I will be there too

Scrambling off to hunt for doubles …

I’m afraid something has come up, and I won’t make it tonight after all. Have fun, and hopefully I’ll see you all next week!

Aloha! I’ll be there too, but around 8 or so…
I’d be thrilled to play D&D5e… I just hope there will still be a spot… even as a familiar… like a talking cheese-knife from the 7th plane - just to be coherent with the stab-aganza… XD

I’m so sorry, guys, I got food poisoning and I feel awful. So, eventually, I can’t come.

Oh too bad… Get well soon! Eat some soup!

Get better soon.
I am on my way…