Thu Jan. 26, 02017, Spielbar 7pm (open gaming night)

Who’s in? [extra characters inserted here in order to be able to create post]

I’ll try to make it this week

You can count me in :+1:

Unfortunately, I cannot make it tonight. Sorry!

I should be there (hopefully)

I should be able to make it

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I shall be there (and late a bit)

Should make it :slight_smile:

bla bla 20 characters bla bla

I’ll be there, possibly with visitor.

Two tables barring the usual drop-off, then?

What do we have in terms of games? I could run TBDRPG if we’re lacking.

See you tonight!

Hoi, I’ll try to make it too - might be a bit late, though, I don’t trust my sense of orientation to find it right away…

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