Thu Jan. 19, 2017, Spielbar 7pm (open gaming night)

Good morning all!

I finally have the opportunity to be part of these weekly meet-ups.

Would it still be in the cards of you few souls, to meet up and have a go?

It would be great to finally meet a few of you in person.



Absolutely! All are welcome even if it is always better to sign up in advance…

I’ll be there. Have something to run, too, if desired: a game we haven’t played here before which could be considered to be the precursor of the indie movement.

Any interest?

Based on the Youtube link…This one? :pray:

You won me already, H - I’m in it!

Hy, I would love to join :+1:

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That could be a lot of fun! Count me in.

I’ll be there! And will bring along a friend who’s never gamed but always wanted to try.

Excellent. Who’s up for running a second table?

I’d happy to run a second table. I won’t have anything ready, ASFAIK but I’ll improvise…

I would love to join as well!

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I’ll be there - could run something if absolutely necessary.

I’ll drop by most probably :slight_smile:

This is proving to be a popular night!

I’ll be dropping by for sure with two other friends. The more the merrier, right?

Let’s hope the numbers aren’t too many?

[quote=“Neil, post:4, topic:1818, full:true”]Based on the Youtube link…This one? :pray:
'Twould indeed be that one. It’s a fun game, and also an interesting one. More than a decade and a half before the dawn of indie games, Bond was already using a number of concepts now intrinsically associated with the indie movement.

We’ll probably play a scenario from the books/movies, if that’s alright with you, with a tone somewhere between the two. D6s and D10s, please, if you have them. Also, it would be great if somebody could volunteer to print off eight of these:

As for the number of players, Bond is really best with a fairly low number, probably with a maximum of four. Depending on the number of other games on offer and the number of people set on 007ing tomorrow, we could go higher, but it might involve interlocking parallel tables or something equallly strange.

And should all of this go well, I’d be open to the idea of an informal campaign with character advancement and so on.

See you tomorrow!

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Consider the printing done. Oh the benefits of using a company’s printer.

Looking forward!

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Looks like we have enough people running, then, or should I bring Queeste?

Ok people, I woke up with a cold, sore throat and all.
I think it would make John Snow (not this one, the real one), if I kept away…

[quote=“Crimson_Skye, post:16, topic:1818, full:true”]
Consider the printing done. Oh the benefits of using a company’s printer.

Looking forward![/quote]

I guess that makes you Q for the evening … :sunglasses:

8 character sheets - 4 players. It’s not Call of Cthulhu H - we don’t need 2 characters each just in case (I hope!).

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