Thu Feb 25, 02016, 7pm, Spielbar

Who’s up for afterwork drinks on Thursday? There might even be a little roleplaying on the side …

Anybody have anything incomparably awesome to run? I could offer one of those “1920s historical investigations” if there are no other plans, or perhaps some hard SF.

It is possible I might actually make it this week.

I’ll be there for the drinks - I suppose I could do some roleplaying as well.

See you there :slight_smile:

Should be there!

I will be there.

80%I’ll be there.

Unfortunately, I wont make it today! :frowning:

Anybody happen to be near a printer? If so, printing out half a dozen of these would be much appreciated.

Thanks, and see you tonight!

This can be done :wink:

I’ll bring some too. For future use.

I will be there by 8