Thu Dec 3, 2015, 7:30pm, Spielbar

Anyone coming? :open_mouth:

I think I could make it, although I’m a newbie (to the group, not RPG’s) and am not quite sure how it all works. Also, I only have d20 system dice. :ugeek:

I will be there.

I should be there as well

Phew no awkward waiting for no-one. Well the see u tomorrow.

Cool! Does that mean there is a DM/GM and campaign ready to go? Do I need to do any prep?

It’s been years since I could roll dice just as a player, so I am stoked! :sunglasses:

Hi, guys. I have a courses tomorrow, can I join to you around 17:50-18?

We usually meet at 19h30 so don’t worry :slight_smile:

I should be there.

If necessary, I have an adventure I could run.

I should be there by 8ish

Gridshadow, if you’re running the game, what system do you usually use?

I’ll be running an Alternity game (a old TSR sci-fi game) - I suspect most people wont have played it before, so I’ll go over the basics (we tend to just play and pick up the rules as we go for new games).

Hopefully, someone else may run a game as well.

We’ve always found a solution and a spot for everyone.

Cool. Looking forward to it!

That was awesome. Kudos to the GM.