Thu, Dec 10, 2015. Christmas-Speacial @ Spielbar!

As, promised there will be a special Chrismas-Themed game and Ginger-Bread!

So come ye, come ye all!

Any number of players welcome.
No preparations needed.

Since it will (what else? It’s Christmas!) be Cthulhu d100 will be helpful.

Yay ! I will be there and bring themed biscuits.

I’ll be there!

Sounds good, count me in!

Cthulhu is always fun. A little bit of madness hurts no one. I’ll be there too.

I will be there as well. I don’t have any d100. Will 2d10 percentile dice work?

Hmmm, this reminded me of Christmas Cthulu…

Will be there too :slight_smile:

jop :wink:

I’m sorry to miss this tonight. But we have our yearly christkindl market thing with colleagues tonight.

Merry Star Wars premiere and a happy new year! See you in 2016!

H said that he will be joining us. :slight_smile:

I will be there closer to 8, as usual

Great fun - just the right tone for a holiday game!

Thanks for the game, the food, the decorations, the hat, the singing, and the good cheer. After a couple of rough weeks, that hit the spot.

And since it came up:
(Yep, we had real winters back then with snow and stuff. Real rap, too.)

Thanks again, happy holidays, and go bust some carols!