Thu Aug 25, 02016, Spielbar 7pm (open gaming night)

August 25 is, of course, National Banana Split Day, because apparently there’s a day for absoltuely everything these days, but for anyone not engaged in the heady festivities, we’ll also be playing some games. Who’s in this week? Who has something to run?

After yesterday’s Complete History of Communisim from the Beginnings through the Mid-1930, as Portrayed by Goblins, I wouldn’t mind running something just a little bit more traditional if there’s a free table. Since there are some people new to D&D, I was thinking it might be fun to play Keep on the Borderlands (possibly the most traditional and beloved introduction) one of these days. Or possibly return to the urban fantasy game. Or maybe re-run the Shab al-Hiri Roach, since Simon was interested.

So many games, so little time …

Would love to drop by for once, as long as fate’s hand doesn’t intervene.

I will likely be there

I’ll try to be there, as usual…

I should be there this week.

I should be there, may bring a friend.

Hi everyone,

have been lurking for a few weeks and would like to drop by this week if there is still an open slot.
I have limited RPG experience (some “Das schwarze Auge” as a kid and recently “Call of Cthullu”) but would love to play some D&D (something else is fine too :wink: ).


Two tables, then? Any requests for a game?

I might actually be able to run something, if anyone likes luchadores.

I can always jump in to run something but luchadores sounds fun!

Just a heads up that I might not make it and my friend/coworker definitely won’t - I just had to take him to the AKH, and if they let him out will need to pick him up and drive him home. If I have no news around game time, I’ll come with the car and drive from there it I need to, so might have to leave in the middle.

Best wishes to him!