Thu April 20, 2017, Spielbar 19h30 (open gaming night)

Alright, time to plan our next session!

Who can make it this time? Who wants to DM?
This time I actually have an adventure that I wrote a few years back as an introductory scenario for King Arthur: Pendragon. I prepared some pre-gens characters so we coud always run that…

Speaking of recycling… There is this adventure of COPS that I ran a couple of years back… That too was a lot of fun…

I am also planning on taking advantage of the longer weekend to brush up on Mutants and Masterminds and prepare a few pregens for that… But I can’t promise that it will be ready for the 20th…

This time I can make it - I make sure of it! :smiley:

I will take the players mantle and the introductory scenario for King Arthur: Pendragon sounds like fun, although I’m fine with anything that might be played, if the others are rather interested in the other scenario you got in store.

Have a nice weekend till then!

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I might actually make it next week, will confirm/retract that statement closer to the day when I know more definitively.

Hey guys long time! I can make it. I have an escape the room style mystery I made a while back but never got a chance to run. If interest is there I can run it.

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Wow, long time indeed. I believe I’ve already played Simon’s opening Pendragon scenario, so assuming we have two tables, I’d definitely be in for this.

Happy Easter, and see you next Thursday!

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Count me in for Pendragon - its a game I still haven’t managed to play despite repeated attempts.

Alrighty then

I’ll be there and would like to try pendragon if there’s left space :smiley:

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So far, yes.
I prepared 7 characters, so there is still a bit of space…

Throwback Thursday! Woohoo I’m in!

But since I know that Pendragon scenario (right?) I’m up for the escape room thing! Looking forward to that Tom!!

Yep, indeed, that’s the game I used to introduce you and the others to the game…

Excellent. At least now I won’t be stuck in a locked room all by myself.

Happy Patriots’ Day!

I’m happy playing either one, though if there’s a spot sitll in the Pendragon game I’m definitely interested in trying it out.

I would be interrested for Pendragon if there’s still any room left. :slight_smile:

I’ll be bringing a +1

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Welcome back Tom!

What, like a bonus on rolls?



I had a little problem at home, I may come a little bit after 30, I try to make it as quick as possible

Thanks for the game Simon, it was fun!

Also, who else was drinking Caipirinhas last night? There were an extra 2 open on the group bill at the end.

Yeah, I had fun. I hope it was fun for you too guys. Pendragon is kinda atmospheric and role play heavy, so, in retrospect, such a big group might not have been the best way to do it justice…

And, by the way, Pelagius was the name I couldn’t remember last night… British Christianity was influenced by his philosophy while he was considered heretical by the Roman Catholic church…