Thu April 13, 2017, Spielbar 19h30 (open gaming night)

Ok, you guys know the drill!

Who is playing? Who is DMing?

I’d come to play

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I would love to, but I won’t make it again - have fun guys!


Not much answers… I suspect many people might be busy for Pesakh and the rest of the Holidays…

I don’t think I’ll make it, I have an early flight on friday and still some things to do :confused:

Probably I can’t make it today due to an appointment with a dentist.
Have a great Easter/Passover (or just a relaxing weekend)!

Ok, it looks like we will have pretty empty tables.
I will drop by in case we have unannounced players to keep entertained but gaming will likely have to wait until next week.

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Alright then, see you next week with double the enthusiasm :+1:

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