Thu April 11, 2017, Spielbar 7pm (open gaming night)

So, its that time of the week again. Who will be there on Thursday? Anyone have a game to run?

I have a possible adventure if necessary.

I will most likely be there. As i said, i will bring my ‘Das schwarze Auge’ rulebook in case anyone is interessted.

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I’ll be there. Can always run something, but would rather play this time - I think.

No can do this week, I’m afraid. See you next week with a truly classic Schwarze Auge scenario!

Sounds good!

Curses! I can’t be there next week

I’ll try to drop in tonight.

I won’t be there Today. I really would have liked to experience a game of “Das Schwarze Auge”.
So have fun. I’ll see you probably next week. ^^

Thanks for the game Scott!

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