Thu Apr 28, 2016, Spielbar 7pm (open gaming night)

As always, who’s with us?

Or in honour of the date: Assemble!

I’ll be there and can, if desired, run either a Call of …, er, 1920s investigation with no slimy tentacly monsters whatsoever, or kick off that urban fantasy campaign. Either would be for 3-4 players; I’m assuming we’ll fill two tables anyway.

See you then!


And: in!

I’ll be there!

I’ll be there and I’d be interested to join the campaign.

All right, time for some homework:

If you’re interested in joining the campaign, and you have a free minute or two, please drop me a line with a very vague idea of the sort of character you’d like to play.

Details to follow, but assume a standardish, low-magic fantasy city. Characters can be anything from captain of the guard to beggar, wandering bard to baker. Rich or poor, powerful or lowly … use your imagination.

Class dismissed!

Hi all,
this time I can´t make it as I am home in sickness.

Have fun and see you next week!


I will be there as well. To the campaignsenthingses!

That was so much fun!

Thanks H for dealing with our bullshit so patiently. Yesterday we clearly were on the road to Wisconsin.

PS: here’s said scene.