Thu 16.05 Spielbar Oneshot - A Wild Sheep Chase

Hey guys, I’d like to run “a wild sheep chase” this Thursday at Spielbar. It’s bäääd-ass 5e oneshot that’s a bit animalistic I daresay.

Currently it’s me as a DM + 1 friend of mine as player. I’m aiming for a maximum of 5ー6 players. I will have characters prepared for you.

Ideally I’d like to start a bit earlier at like 18:00 or 18:30.

If you plan on joining, post here and tell me if you are bringing a character or if I should provide you with one. If you bring a character I will tell you what level once I know how many we are.

Beginners are welcome!

For character creation:
all official materials are OK with me.

I will provide a battlemap and miniatures.

I’ll be there and happy to join, although I won’t have time to prepare a character (but I always have a spare default level 1 dwarven cleric with me, just in case).
Also I can’t come too early, but I try to be there slightly after 19:00.

Okay! Sounds good, I will prepare a character for you in that case.
We are still looking for some players btw.

Sounds like fun I’ll be there.
I should have enough time to create my own character.


Update: we have 5 players now. Make 4th level characters, please.
Let’s meet at around 18:30 at Spielbar and start playing at around 19:00.

Hey! If you still want one more person, I’d love to join :slight_smile:

I can bring my own level 4 character.

If you bring your own character sure!

We will be 6 players then, which means I might buff up the enemies a little bit and maybe add some content to the game too while I’m already at it.

I made characters for two players who contacted me directly.

I’ll prepare a druid, a monk, a bard and a fighter additionally in case someone doesn’t have a character.

Awesome! Just one more thing, would you happen to have spare dice I can use? I forgot to bring my own dice when I flew into Vienna.

Sure. I’ll pack a few extra.

A few of my 3d prints went bad so we might end up using bottlecaps for a few enemies :slight_smile: I printed the map though.

Sounds good, see ya there!

There should be a table in the back for “Mayer”.

Feel free to start, I’ll be late (although i’m already on the U6) and try to join with one of the leftover characters

Thanks for the game you guys! it was great! I had a lot of fun with you c:

I’m amazed how you broke the game repeatedly and still ended up with one of the worst possible endings :smiley: It was insane how so many were close to death at the end. 2 failed death saves on 2 or 3 characters even? Wowza.

I’ve seen the worst Attack rolls a DM could ever have today, and the worst series of failed Wisdom saves I have yet had the fortune of witnessing. Just awesome.

I can imagine Mr. Sheep following you to the next wizards academy or something of that sort :") He has to find a different solution for his problem now it seems.

If anyone of you wants to be able to contact me send me a PM. I’ll send you my phone number.


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