Three rowdies looking for a silver tongue

As the title suggests, we are looking for a player or two to supplement the current, three player (all CHA7 :wink: ) group playing with me as GM.
We are playing Pathfinder, the campaign being played is the “Kingmaker” adventure path.

Due to conflicting schedules we lost two players and our playing location, so if you are interested, post here, with any questions you might have.
You may also come to Spielbar today, we are (hopefully) going to be playing there after 5pm.

I just wanted to ask, which kind of character everone will play. Since I am going for the Oracle, who can be pretty much everything, I would like to know which role to fill. Preferably the Healer, but everything else goes as well.

I am going to play a fighter/magus blend…so dmg dealer

i´m going for an ICE COLD witch^^

Nice nice!
Then i will take a bardish oracle tank. At least it looks like a bardish oracle tank, let’s see how it works. Mainly it’s supposed to be the healer of the group so that’s okay.
[size=85](with bardish I mean "all knowledges as class skills, as well as the usual utility spell-related skills and spells)[/size]

Sounds great guys.

Saturday @ 11am? 12? At Bazhells flat.

FloRad has no time this week, but everyone else (Thopthes, GJsoft, Xargoth and Bazhell) indicated to be set.

That’s right. I’m finishing the Summoner’s background story and am working out some kinks at the moment, but I should be ready to send you everything today.

Boah 11?
are u guys trying to kill me?

but if u all want i can handle it
since im a player this time xD

I’m in.
I should be able to finish my character in time

11 should work

Anyone need some last minute things?

Shall I print out some spells for any spellcaster?

[edit]: I also finally found how I can manage the group forum. I added FloRad, xargoth and Bazhell, so you should be able to view and post in the subforum.

What about the in-character-talking and background story thing?

I thought I’d bring that up in person.