Three pillars of experience

The new unearthed arcana from WotC has some very cool, very interesting reading:

UA-ThreePillarXP.pdf (59.8 KB)

I really like the idea.

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it is an interesting approach, but i am not sure if that approach really needs to have such well defined rules of how to gain xp

of course a dm could ignore the defined xp values and just go with his/her own without too much trouble

THIS This is exactly the thing i am dooing right now only more precise.
Love it, will talk with my group about using it.

Only thing I didnt find is what exactly with TIER they mean… I am guessing it is Level 1-5 is first Tier and 6-10 ist second Tier and so on?

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i suppose they mean the level tiers (Tiers of Play) which were defined on page 15 of the player’s handbook

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Most indeedly so.
Which, I suppose, give you an idea of the scale/stake for each level of play

It is actually the direction I am tending forward to.
I believe that Pathfinder explicitly states that you get xp from overcoming/surviving a trap regardless of if you disarm it or just soak up the damage.
I have long expended this idea to monster. You get xp for getting pass monsters, regardless of you kill them, trick them or just bribe them (like, a green dragon with a magic item :wink: )

And I have often given bonus xp for non-combat stuff…

So, it’s really a formalization of stuff I have been doing more and more…


same for me @Simon
i always thought XP is the reward for overcoming challenges, no matter wether they are combat or anything else, with bonuses for creative solutions (e.g.: avoiding a trap and later leading an enemy right into it, fixing the rival families problems to help the young lovers out, …)


I seem to have overread the Tiers of Play thing or simply forgotten it.

Like the idea though^^

If I remember correctly we once got XP for encounters we bypassed with combination of move earth and stone to mud. Darthbinks was the GM that time. Also it was the three time I played in his games and every session my character died. xD

He sure is dangerous

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Just got around to reading this. Interesting.

So basically, they’re saying the optimal party size is either 6 or … 17,000?

Wait what? How? please explain yourself good sir.

Well, if you’re not going to divide XP, yet there’s a sharp drop when you hit seven party members, clearly you either want to bring exactly five friends or a full-blown horde.

Here’s how this system would play out at the table:

Scene: Solace. The Inn of the Last Home.

Goldmoon: “I bear the Blue Crystal Staff that everyone is seeking! Please, brave heroes, help me escape from these evil nogoodniks!”

Tanis, Sturm, Caramon, Raistlin, Flint, and Tasslehoff perform a quick headcount, look at each other, and order another round of beers.

End of campaign.

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I get the first part. Party max of 6. But why on earth would you need the full army?

I guess he means that if it is halved you could at least go with such a big number of people so that everybody gets some. Because the whole army would still get half of the XP; because it says only halved for 7 and up. And up has no limit…

I get it. Danke.