There is a party - VALUE Open D&D Night @ Cafe 1070

Comment if you wanna meet on Friday at Cafe 1070.
If you have questions just come a bit earlier most times somebody will be a bit earlier around. Please comment if you plan to join and announce the tier of your characters or the tier of the adventure you like to DM.

I will DM the third Eberron Adventure (Tier1): There will be light horror elements in the adventure. If you plan to attend my table and there is anything in this area (like bugs, spiders, blood, … ) that would make you feel very uncomfortable please write me a PM or talk to me before the game.

V.A.L.U.E Rules for creating a character

Item unlocks and tcp costs

I will be there. I haven’t been to a session since I moved away two years ago but I will be in Vienna this weekend and will definitely be there. I don’t have much DnD play experience but I’ll get a T1 character to join you if you will take me :slight_smile:

Hi, do you plan to do this in english or german?

Also I last played an rpg about 3y ago, so I’m very out of the loop.
If that is still fine, I’d love to join :wink:

welcome :tada:

-> english

I will join Eberron with a t1 :robot:

It’s on open night and everybody is welcome … the announcement is just needed so we can check if we have enough DMs and how many tables me need.

Cool - thanks!
Do I need to prepare something?

Please make a (new) character following the VALUE guidelines in the link in first post of this thread.
If you need help, it would be helpful to arrive a bit (~30min) earlier. :+1:
Often there are a couple of people there already, who could help you.

i plan to be there this time and bring a T1 character, would prefer to play if it looks like we’ll need another DM i’ll bring an adventure (probably my own high T1/low T2 “Dark Watch” this time as I don’t need to prepare much for it)

Will be there with tier 1/2/3 characters.

I’m coming and would like to play at the Eberron table (T1), to continue from where we left :slight_smile:

Ill most likely come to play.

I will also join the meeting

I would like to join with a fresh T1 character :slight_smile:

I’ll be there to play this time with T1/2/3 characters.

I’ll probably be there and would like to join the eberron adventure. But I’ll also bring an adventure (either a T1 or T2 depending on what people want)

Will be there this week would like to join @PatrickD table if there is still a open spot othere wise could play t1 or t2

At the moment I count for my table
@BufoBufo [if playing]

We need a second DM, at the moment I count 16 people coming (including me) which means 2 tables with 7 players.

Hey:) I’ll also join with a T1 character!

Im there too^_^