There are dozens of post-apocalyptic games. This one is pre-apocalyptic

I think I might have a game …

After playing quite a bit of light-hearted D&D lately, it’s time for something a bit more serious. This will be a police procedural about the meaning of life.

System: Don’t know, don’t care. Maybe Sherpa. Maybe Dirty World. We’ll see.

Date: Early or mid-September

There will be some heavy themes in this one.

Drop me a line if you’re interested.

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Dropping a line (and maybe some other stuff) on your head in Floridsdorf Tradition sorry in advance for the concussion

Ouch. Gonna be nursing that headache for a while …

(I’ll take all that as an “in.”)

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Sounds interesting, count me in

… so it’s The Last Policeman RPG ?

If I find time I am in (without concussion)

Edit: fixed @H spoiler tag^^

Finally found the time. It’s only been, what 2+ years since I first mentioned it? Stupid pandemic.

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I can pass out concussions to anyone who wants one. It’s very easy and fun.

As far as I remember, you live on the ground floor, right?
Maybe (just maybe) weights dropped from that height might not be so dangerous
(except when you throw one of your cats on us)

You’ve promised me a Traveller game B.C 2 (before covid-19).
Independently from the system, I’m in.

Changing the setting to “Native Village” as we speak …

Now I’m craving for an Action! Native Village!

meh that game basically plays in the “upper hallway” though

Stop encouraging him, he doesn’t need it