The worst game you have ever played

Hi people, I want to ask you a question: which one was the worst game you have ever played? I mean, a game that could be good, but it turned out in crap either because of some player’s bad decisions or because of the master…

I start with this one: I was playing Call of Cthulhu with a friend and a master, we just started the adventure “The complete masks of Nyarlathotep”. We were supposed to meet a friend at its hotel room, but as we reach for his hotel room, we find out that he has been killed by three cultists. One of them goes on my character into melee fight, the other two escape through the window and the emergency staircase. My character shout at the other character “Try to get one of them alive, we have to know why they did this!”

So the other characters goes after them and

  1. shoots at one of them from behind, while running on the staircase;
  2. reaches for the other cultist while he is turning his car on;
  3. breaks into the car and shoots at the other cultist;
  4. In the attempt of stopping the car, he fumbles and drives the car into a shop nearby.

at this point, the master says “Well, you know… we are in 1925, people are starting to call the police, after seeing what yo did. What do you think to do?”
“I call the police!”
“… But… the police is looking for YOU!”
“Ah! well… I call them and tell them to go somewhere else!”
And that’s when the master said “Fuck off with this shit, let’s go for a beer”.

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That line alone means it can’t have been such a bad game! :wink:

Yeah, if that was your worst game, I think you’ve been pretty lucky.

Also, no spoilers, please. Thanks!