The weirdest RPG you've ever heard of?

So here’s a question for you all.

Whats the weirdest/strangest/most insane RPG system (or supplement etc.) that you’ve ever heard of?

For me (and no doubt countless others) it’s got to be FATAL. When I stumbled upon it I was convinced it was a very elaborate joke but I looked some more and came to the horrifying conclusion that it may very well be real.

there’s a link on that page to the original PDF…it’s there for the taking, but don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Never heard of FATAL…
Wow… 900 pages of core rulebook “fun”! Tables for everything, including extensive intoxication rules !

Looks like a fun read, but a real pain in the ass to play. (It’s how I always imagined Hackmaster from KotDT).

The strangest (and funniest) RPG I ever saw has to be “Ninja Burger”.
From the description:
…a sect of noble ninja have taken to secretly delivering fast food meals, anywhere, anytime, within 30 minutes or less. Failure to deliver within the ascribed time limit results in Seppuku. Some of Ninja Burger’s rivals include Pirate Pizza…

If you’re going for the outright weirdest, FATAL is on top.

Most contenders aren’t even in the same league, but I heard of some strange ones.


Macho Women with Guns

and my personal favorite (I own a copy)

In Nomine Satanis / Magna Veritas:

(I’m tempted to go look for it and offer a One-shot here…)

Weirdest, I don’t know, but FATAL has established itself as legendary in its awfulness…

Don’t even mention that game, guys. Seriously. The more people talk about it on the Net, the more well-known it becomes.

The less said, the better.