The V.A.L.U.E. of tales, legends and legacies

Lets keep this train rolling.
We’re once again meeting up to share some drinks and tell some tales, at our VALUE open games.

If you plan to come as a player, just drop a message below telling us what Tiers of characters you’ll bring with you. If you are new, please make sure to read the VALUE rules and also let us know with a quick message down below.

T1: levels 1-4
T2: levels 5-10
T3: levels 11-16
T4: levels 17-20

If you are planning to DM this time, make sure to include the Tier (and optionally the name) of the adventure you want run in your post.


:point_right: V.A.L.U.E. rules for new players

:point_right: RPG Vienna Quick Start Guide

Item unlocks and their TCP cost can be found here.

Discord for questions and stuff

I’ll be there to DM a T3 Oneshot named “When poets die”.
As this will be loose continuation of my last last Oneshot (“When kobolds fly”) players who played at my table back then, will have priority seating.

Update: Unfortunately something came up and I can’t make it after all. Sorry about that. I’ll make sure to be present next week and run the adventure then. Have fun guys!

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Will be there with T1 to T3 characters :slight_smile:

Will come with my T1 and T2 chars (prefer T2 game)

Im most likely coming to play aaaand maybe DM tier 1.

I will be there DMing a t2 game but I can drop it lower depending on player preference

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I will be back would love to play T2 but open for everything

Would like to join as a player, any tier, cannot make it sooner than 7pm, hope a table will still have me. Need a drink to relax. Cato will also join, not as a player but to draw.
Very much looking forward to seeing everybody =)


Don’t forget about the dragon Ravaron wants to hunt :wink:

I’m just saying that today’s game will be in a whole different league

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First time attending, so T1. Got several concepts and would like to fill the gap, if possible. That’s why I’ll create my character at the start. Would appreciate some input from DM and look forward to meeting everyone.

Sips at his Budvar.

Also, could do T2 as well, but I think that would be against Value’s valued rules. Would just watch and take in the adventure if T2 is up.

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