The V.A.L.U.E. of Snowmen

would like to join @BufoBufo table otherwise would bring 1t-3 characters

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I would also love joining you campaign if there is still a free place!
I haven’t been able to play for a long time and getting back is something I very much look forward to))

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I like to joint again if still possible @BufoBufo

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I’ll be there with T1 and T2. I’m happy with any seat available.

I‘ll be there and would love to join @BufoBufo ’s table, if there is a slot left. This sounds amazing.

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DMs (4):
BufoBufo T2 :leafy_green:
Lux_Tenebraeque T2 :candle:
MyChemicalDeath T2 :squid:
ThatGuyTed T1 :moneybag:

Potential DMs (1):
squid (non DnD - Spire → if there is enough interest)
otherwise plays T1/T2

Players (20-21):
Darthbinks :leafy_green:
cryion :leafy_green:
Kenta :leafy_green:
Hamer :leafy_green:
PatrickD :leafy_green:
Arvee :leafy_green:

TiLaok :candle:
col_Mustard_Ret :candle:
Semako :candle: (or T3/T4)
bernat :candle:
Tea007 :candle:

frogemiah :moneybag:
Janlocks :moneybag:
Pjotr +1 :moneybag:
KormitTheFrog :moneybag:
Jackfruitchilli :moneybag:

Mexikorn :squid:

jboimler T1-T3
Xyathn T1/T2



Since the other two tables are full(ish) I’d like to sit at MCD’s table if that’s alright

Hmm … my son and I would like to play T1 if possible.
If not, squid’s Spire game looks interesting as well.

Addendum: I will be attending, but my son (the +1) has an ear infection. So there’s a possible opening at @ThatGuyTed 's table, if he’s up to handle 6 players.

Since there are no other interested players and already a lot of players for the D&D tables it’s almost a certainty, that I won’t run a game.

I’d like to join @ThatGuyTed T1 adventure

Also dibs on @ThatGuyTed’s table :hugs: I’m ready for some chaos!

I’d like to join @MyChemicalDeath’s table


again we have reached the >24 player/dm threshold

If your first post is after this post,
we sadly cannot guarantee that you will find a table :frowning:
that being said … it could still work :crossed_fingers:

good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Id love to join @Lux_Tenebraeque again :slight_smile:

Hi, I will also be able to come and join Lux’s table

Ok, it seems we will be too many people, I will skip this week then, hope you have fun and see you maybe next week!


you could still try … but there are no guarantees
(depends on which tables we get and esp. if we get a 5th table … although the latter one is unlikely)

Thanks, but the one I wanted to play at will already have 7 people, and also something else came up and I won’t be able to go because of that either, so… Don’t worry, have fun!

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I’d love to join any group that has a free spot with a Tier 1 or Tier 2 character.

Will be joining @mychemicaldeath’s table as they said they’ve still got space