The V.A.L.U.E. of Singing

… so since our beloved Café 1070 is closed for about 2 weeks
no open D&D rpg there :sob:

we will do open mike Karaoke instead

I reserved a table at the Babuders (Tiefer Graben 22) for 10 people
… should not be a drama if more show up … worst case you have to stay at the bar :slight_smile:

:woman_singer: :singer: :man_singer:


btw. noone is stopping you from hosting or playing a V.A.L.U.E. game at a different location
if you want to do that, please feel free to do so :slight_smile:

I would come if some people come too. I have never been to karaoke before btw:)

I’d like to come. Might even bring company. Btw, where is the location?

Would be up for it too :smiley:


Edit: added the adress to the thread as well as to the first post :slight_smile:

will check on Wednesday afternoon :slight_smile:

What kind of karaoke is it? Like we reserve a room or everyone in the venue taking turns?

I picked an open mike event (thought about renting a room at another venue earlier)
There is one stage with 2 mikes
You can use an app or tell the DJ which song you want, and then they will announce you and your song.

Edit: added the Karaoke location in the first post

@Jackfruitchilli and me will also be there. Just not too long since i gotta work on saturday :slight_smile:

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I have to admit I wasn’t expecting this particular plot twist.

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Made my day already forgot it “I ll be there “

Update: I need to prep some more dnd before tomorrow I don’t think I can spare the time. Have fun though

have fun coop singing, try not to let it escalate into pvp please, I don’t want to read about a killing spree in the news on saturday :stuck_out_tongue:

I on the other hand will torture my players in one of my campaigns, picking back up after a short summer break (for some reason one of the players decided going to greece was more important than playing)

I am very sorry, I actually cannot come today. Dm me if that lead to some inconvenience.


I am very sorry, I actually cannot come today. Dm me if that lead to some inconvenience.

it was yesterday anyway :smiley:
don’t worry - we do a re-run next week anyway :slight_smile:

So how was it? Any surprises?


was pretty rad :metal:

also a secret guest star popped up
it was not -H-

Thanks to anyone who showed up :slight_smile:
was a blast … till next week