The V.A.L.U.E. of Singing IV & V

open mike Karaoke is back again … twice

:woman_singer: :singer: :man_singer:

  • Wednesday 11th of October, starts 8 p.m.
  • Thursday 9th of November, starts 10 p.m.

will there with a (very) few friends
should you wanna join :studio_microphone:
or only wanna show up to :partying_face: (singing is encouraged but not mandatory)

:point_right: if you wanna join, write me a PM or drop me a line… and I will send you the adress
:point_right: please also include which day(s)
(the locations and the crowd are not the same)
thanks :slight_smile:

p.s: @cat4laugh @Neil @Tiero

edit: the 2nd date changed to the 9th of November


I’m down for both

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Will probably be there on Wednesday. Not sure about Thursday

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I think I want to join both

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Cant in advance if I’m going to join for sure, but I’m certainly interested. I’m already thinking about what to sing :man_singer:

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I’ll also join on the 11th, on the 26 can’t unfortunately! Looking forward to support the singers :joy:

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N.B.: the 2nd date changed to the 9th of November

Will try to be there on the first date and maybe the second.

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I’ll try to be there on the 11th to watch xD Wont stay long but I’ll be there

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glad to see more motivated :singer: :woman_singer: :man_singer:

already thinking about what I wanna sing :joy:

see you next time :microphone:

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reminder that the second Karaoke event will be next Thursday :microphone:

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Unfortunately I won’t be there this time. I’m starting a new job the coming week and I expect it will take all my time and focus, for the beginning at least. On top of that, the Thursday location is far away and it’s starting late, so I don’t even know how I would get home that day. Although I wish I could be there. There is always a next time. Have fun with it all of you

no worries

there will be other times :slight_smile:

Do we meet at 10 pm or does the singing start at 10 pm? I wouldn’t mind meeting a bit earlier and enjoying some beers :slight_smile:

singing starts at 10 p.m.
(and would end at 2 a.m.)

I aim at being there at 9:30-ish

edit: was fun :partying_face: … next one will be in Spring/Summer '24