The V.A.L.U.E. of Resurrection Magic

I would be joining this friday 1.12 and would Like to Play your oneshot dathbinks i already have a Charakter and would make another one


Hope I’m not too late but me and @Sincerely_sam would come to play T1 ^^


It’s never too late… It’s not even Friday yet.

I like to join again probably at the table of @Darthbinks

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I’d like to jois as well playing T1-T3

I can also make a T2 character instead of a T1 if there’s to many T1 players, and join @Burek s table!



looks like 4 DMs with 5 players each
so we sadly can’t guarantee, that you will find a place to play, if you post after this post
(unless you or someone else is willing to DM, and we run 5 tables^^)
might still work out though :slight_smile: , but no promises :person_shrugging:

… that sadly includes the people from @xaosseed’s meetup, who have not posted here yet


Hey Id like to join as a player, if there is still space somewhere. Any tier. Preferably T1. Will likely take up much less game time than usual.


added another Dragonborn clan, 'cause I liked their piercings ^^

Unfortunately i won’t be able to make it today:(

you can join my T1 table if you want to
(no need to play a Dragonborn or to able to speak Draconic … but if yes, you can choose a Clan from the post above)

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Thank you, Ill try my best to channel my inner dragon. Might be a tad more silent/inactive than usual, hope thats fine. Been some time since Ive last spoken draconic, but Ill try my best to brush up on it during the remaining 2h.

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We will be cutting it close because of the weather

Will be 15min late, certain farewells are… emotional.

@fromtheforest @Mexikorn @PatrickD @Sincerely_sam @tamyandfriends @Tiero
:dragon_face: thanks for playing in Tymanther

aside from +1 level up, +10 Downtime Days, you gain:

  • @Sincerely_sam & @tamyandfriends
    You stayed with the old Shestandeliath farmer you saved from the wild dogs, and helped distract the landshark, so the rest to the party could go into the valley unharmed.
    The old framer gives you each a Heward’s handy spice pouch (common) as a thank you
    … also Dellie, the storyteller from the Kanjentellequor Clan gives you +120gp each as a thank you for helping saving Kiara

  • @fromtheforest
    You can choose EITHER a Heward’s handy spice pouch (common) gained from the old Shestandeliath farmer you saved from the wild dogs, OR a Heward’s handy haversack (rare) as a thank-you from the possessed Yrjixtilex farmers you subdued
    … also Dellie, the storyteller from the Kanjentellequor Clan gives you +80gp as a thank you for helping saving Kiara - the cost you have to pay for the farmer’s burial, has already been subtracted

  • @Mexikorn, @PatrickD, & @Tiero
    You can choose EITHER a Heward’s handy spice pouch (common) gained from the old Shestandeliath farmer you saved from the wild dogs, OR a Heward’s handy haversack (rare) as a thank-you from the possessed Yrjixtilex farmers you subdued
    … also Dellie, the storyteller from the Kanjentellequor Clan gives you +120gp each as a thank you for helping saving Kiara

Homebrew Story Awards

:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: “A Handy Backpack”
Requirement: You took the Heward’s handy haversack (rare) as a reward for this adventure

This is a nice backback. Awesome!

:dragon_face: “Tymanther Lore Dump”
for @Mexikorn, @Sincerely_sam, & @tamyandfriends

You listened to the Kanjentellequor historian, Dellie the storyteller, during the festival.
ONCE at my table you can choose to automatically succeed on a History check regarding lore about Tymanther, Tymanchebar, and/or Unther. You have to choose to use this award before rolling.

:nesting_dolls: “Awakening Doll”
for @PatrickD & @Tiero

You got a personal doll made for you in the Awaking festival.
Should you ever be in the catacombs of your Clan in Djerad Thymar or Djerad Kethendi (the two big fortress-cities), you could go there to meditate to gain Inspiration.

:point_up:please keep in mind that these Homebrew Story Awards only work on my tables

:musical_score: a few Vayemniri (Dragonborn in their language; lit. the Ash-Marked Ones) songs
from the Awakening festival:

  • The Battle of the Crippled Mountain

This is a general Vayemniri (Dragonborn) song.
It tells how Shurideh and Iksdara Who-Would-Be-Verthisathurgiesh, their kinsman Reshvemi Who-Would-Be-Verthisathurgiesh, and Thuchir Who-Would-Be-Shestandeliath (descendant of Haizverad and bearer of the Breath of Petron) infiltrated the Celestial Mountain, the volcano lair of Rhodrolytharnestryx, the Tyrant of Tyrants, while the red dragon and his dragon army fought against the army of dragonborn rebels.
Shurideh, Iksdara, Reshvemi and Thuchir infiltrated the volcano using two artifacts - the Breath of Petron, and then the Eye of Blazing Rorn - to trigger an eruption so powerful that killed Rhodrolytharnestryx (and miraculously, all four survived).
The ash from the eruption rained for 40 days, and the dragonborn survivors of the battle took it as an omen. They renamed themselves the Vayemniri (lit. the Ash-Marked Ones), no longer slaves but free.

  • Hazor and the Jet-Boned Tyrant

This Kanjentellequor song is about how a dracolich known as Daelfyrthimachian, the Jet-Boned Tyrant, constantly raided Vayemniri (Dragonborn) tombs to raise them as undead, forcing the Vayemniri to kill their dead until they defined their funerary customs.
This song is also the reason dragonborn don’t fear the Wall of the Faithless.
("Better oblivion that apart from our clans. Better an end than a perpetuity in bondage …")

  • The Many Esham-Ana

An Yrjixtilex song. Esham-Ana Who-Would-Be-Yrjixtilex was one of the guards of the slave pens of Gauwervyndhal, the Empress Dragon of Skelkor. He used his position to bring food and other commodities to his fellow slaves.
Ororonymilith, the Vizier of Broken Thorns, a copper dragon, was tasked by Gauwer to find the one who was stealing her food, and the copper dragon went to the slave pens to investigate, using a clanless dragonborn to discover that Esham-Ana was the culprit. The next day, he went to the mines and demanded the slaves to bring Esham-Ana to him to face “justice”.
However, all the slaves began to say that they were Esham-Ana — they never would hand over the one who sustained them to the Foul Empress Dragon — startling the dragon long enough to lower his guard.
Ororonymilith’s skull was the first dragon skull claimed by the first Who-Would-Be-Yrjixtilex.

  • The death of the elders in Raurokh

A Kepeshkmolik song. Shaspur Who-Would-Be-Kepeshkmolik was raised in Raurokh, the fortress of Raurokhymdar the Golden, a gold dragon who conducted experiments to breed better dragonborn slaves. Shaspur was one of her best specimens, and he was raised by seven wise dragonborn elders (Ana-Mashal, Baishiria, Hurashum, Nazari, Qinnaz, Rahishu, and Zerath) so Raurokhymdar could use him as the new father of a better, stronger dragonborn slave clutch.
One day, Shaspur devised a plan to flee Raurokh, but the plan has a big fail: the elders won’t survive it. The elders told Shaspur that he should go on with the plan, saving the younger slaves, while they sacrificed their lives to buy Shaspur time.
The song ends with the tale of how many years later, after the dragonborn founded their nation, Raurokhymdar the Golden was destroyed by Shaspur’s descendants, avenging the dead of the elder ancestors.

Thanks for playing “A Most Curious Find” - Mr. Bravik @Taneli_Sol, Ash @Vishous, Ardurion @Arthilas, Sony @jboimler, Uli’an @MarkusW !

You recovered Lin after a plea from his father, Lou, and gain his and perhaps more importantly, the society’s favor in doing so. The Society, with Lou at the helm, is set on sending expeditions into The Underdark through the ancient dwarven backdoor you discovered and diverts a good amount of manpower to Aglardon. The remainders of the Svirfneblin clan move to the abandoned mine near the village of Halendos, and the society find many of their kin that are willing to “help them rebuild”, but they might still get the odd willing visit from an rock gnome or two through the next months and years. They also especially bond with the local dwarven drunkard, Yefri, who they work with closely in establishing a mushroom-farming operation with their combined knowledge of fungiculture, establishing a very steady revenue stream that helps them build a new home away from the cruelty of their drow neighbours.

You may each keep one of the following magic items of your choice found on your adventure: Figurine of Wondrous Power (Onyx Dog), Ioun Stone of Sustenance, Mantle of Spell Resistance or Elven Chain.

Even before you manage to return to Waterdeep, couriers intercept you with your payment of 480gp, and you may keep any items you found on the adventure as well. In the same pouch, you find an additional, different-looking coin, granting you the following story award:

Initiate of The Society: You can prove your rank within the organization with a coin given by The Society at the end of the adventure. It’s a tiny platinum coin with a motif containing an eye inside a pyramid. This allows you to ask for services & help from The Society as well as enter their hidden base of operations deep beneath Waterdeep.

@Arthilas Ardurion the Durable instead gains:

Apprentice of The Society: It’s a slightly larger coin with the same design, but upon closer inspection looks much less worn than the coin you still keep from before. As a full-fledged member of the society, you can proactively call for The Society’s favors, assistance or information. Your current rank can in theory give orders to initiates, albeit with few or no repercussions for them being disobeyed.

@Burek thank you for the awesome adventure! Ash is eager to work his way up the Society’s hierarchy and find his purpose in this world!

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Thanks to Francis @Col_Mustard_Ret - Moritz @Nick1246 - Finnea @Tea007 and Theo, Bellatrix and Dorm for playing The Divine Sow and helping the dull-witted Belloveso reach Tarantsia and rescue his golden beloved Nina.

After arriving in Tarantsia, shaking down Ubalthus the ‘Wizard’ and meeting Mabila and Terenza, the relatively pleasant Befanas of Barefoot Lake, you braved the Cast Iron Dungeon with its hazards and fought a scrap iron golem before making off with Nina in her cursed golden-statue form and pockets full of wizardly reagents and paraphenalia.

You all net 50gp into your pockets from selling off what you ‘salvaged’ from the wizards lair but there is still work to be done to free Nina from her golden prison.

Anyone who wants to add a write up of their adventure to the campaign log gets inspiration for their next Brancalonia adventure.

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