The V.A.L.U.E. of Playing in Person


Who is up for a DnD 5e game this Friday 18th of February at Café 1070?

As usual I would suggest to start the “warmup” :wink: at 17:30 so we are ready to roll at 18:00

Post in comments if you would like to DM or play (or both).

Looking forward meeting you all again!

Few useful links:
:point_right: V.A.L.U.E. rules for new players

:point_right: RPG Vienna Quick Start Guide

Item unlocks and their TCP cost can be found here.

So far we have:
as DMs

as Players
@dschingiskarn +1

Still in superposition

Seems that we have at least 3 players so I think the game is on!

You have my bagpipes

EDIT: Unfortunately, I will need to bail - somethign came up :frowning: Hope to see youse fellas next week!


Yes, yes, yes, yes! Did i say yes?
I mean yes!

Love the enthusiasm!

You have my hellfire!

By the way, the 1070 at least has open until 23:00 according to their website, so we do not need to rush as much as for the last fridays we played.

Edit: can play t1-t3.

Im also bringing a newbie. Can she start at lvl2? Lvl 1 is just being canonfodder. I could bring a lvl 4 Paladin.
Also have a tier 2 Ranger.

Yes, if you have a V.A.L.U.E character already in tier 2, you can create new characters in tier 1 at level 4 (or start righht away in tier 2 at level 5 if someone DMs a tier 2 game)

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@dschingiskarn @Semako

it is true that with a level 5 PC, you can create a new level 1-5 PC,
but your friend should rather start at level 1, as everyone else did once

a reason for this rule is to ease new players into the game

no worry … a level 1 will be fine in a T1 game :+1:
(even @Semako started at level 1 long time ago, and when one of his PCs died, it def. was at higher level^^)

dms can balance encounters
that will probably be the reason, why your 4th level PC will aggro more of @SilentButDeadly’s monsters :wink:
don’t worry … she will be fine :+1:

P.S.: we did make only 1 or 2 exceptions to this rule in the past,
and this was only related to finding a table
(e.g. there is one player with only T1 characters, but only one table who plays T2)
but that’s about it

take care :four_leaf_clover: & have fun :slight_smile:


Heya, just letting you know I would need to bail on tomorrow’s sesh. Hope you’re there next week!

I will try to come tomorrow too :slight_smile:
I have to see if Uni stuff will let me.

BTW if anyone would like to DM let us know. Would be happy to join as player too :slight_smile:

on a rather short notice I will also be attending. I would prefer to DM but can also play. See you tomorrow :slight_smile:

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I would like to join T1 as a player (higher Tier possible if needed). Work will prevent me from joining at 1730, I will swing by at 1900-1920. It would be great if I could still join in at some point, however, I would also be content with listening in from the side lines :slight_smile:


There’s always a way :slight_smile:

Trying to be there too if not I will send a massage

In theory, I have time and would love to play.
But we are going on a skiing trip tomorrow, so I can’t risk getting infected.
I’m conflicted!

I will be there as a player, too (T1-3)

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I will be there tonight :slight_smile:

Stuck in traffic. will be there ~6:20