The V.A.L.U.E of not blowing yourself up. Friday Games

I will join with T1-T2.

I would likewise be elated to join; any tier.


The man, the myth the leg end!

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If there is a third willing player, @cat4laugh could probably run his T4?

Noah doesn’t have a account on the Forum but he would join me as well so there will be another T1 Player!

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Oh. Right. It’s Friday again.
I’d love to join today as well, and most likely will. Same table as always, with UglyGhost.

I will unfortunately not be able to make it this evening after all. I apologize for the late notice and any inconvenience that might arise. Enjoy and see you next week!

@BufoBufo ,all, I just got home from work with a strong headache. Guess too much work this week. I’m not sure it will pass quick so I free up my place.
If I make it,I’ll adapt.

My tram is late (15min wait in that weather, ugh…), will be late by a few minutes.

Running a bit late. Will get there as soon as i can.

I’m 5-10 min late

Thank you for playing
You gain:

You also have a choice:

  • Go to the Thornwaste right away to deal with the Ghostlord, the druid lich
  • Try to recruit the dwarves in the Hammerfist Holds

You also have the choice to

  • Destroy the Phylactery
  • Keep the Phylactery

Please tell me what you want to do, so that I can prepare. Especially the first choice.
Downtime Activities are incoming once I know what I can prepare.
I don’t know whether I will be there next week

if we have access to teleportation and/or wind walk
= e.g. if Garash (@PatrickD) would be there

I would vote for going to the dwarves

The professor could assisst you next time as well with his otherworldly magic, including the teleport spell :slight_smile:

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I am in favor of going to meet the dwarves and destroy the Phylactery. Looking forward for the next one :grin:

Meepo would rather listen to the military advisor Garash


:headstone: this is the downtime activity (raise dead) you have to do to revive Eskel :point_down:

p.s.: the V.A.L.U.E. rules incl. the dowmtime activities are listed :point_right: here

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@DutchyGio @Xerdor @Col_Mustard_Ret @Stracci

Congratulations on freeing Pearbottom from Oozelyn! Stenn is thankful that you solved the mystery (and frankly quite relieved he managed to get outside help instead of relying on Vincent for once). You each get 100 gp for your efforts and a Necklace of Adaption should you encounter any more watery monsters or have to wade through sewers again.


I :green_heart: the name :smiley:

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