The V.A.L.U.E. of Healing

I’d love to join lost minds of phandelver with a t2 character!

After a long while I’d like to play again this week. I don’t know how much I’ve missed while I was gone but I’d love to play in @Rayce_Kaiser 's Lost Minds campaign if there’s a spot for me at the table

I‘ll finally be back and would love to join @Rayce_Kaiser‘s Lost Minds.

I would love to continue the rat adventure :upside_down_face:

ThatGuyTed T2 :rat:
froigemiah T2 :shamrock:
Rayce_Kaiser T2 :brain:
Unsniped T2 :mantelpiece_clock:
Lux_Tenebraeque T1 :scroll:
Fridi T1

Potential DMs(0):

Semako :shamrock:
cat4laugh :shamrock:
Jackfruitchilli :shamrock:
Lopzta :shamrock:

mane T2 :brain:
Emma T2 :brain: (or :fox_face:)
CloudVII T2 :brain:
Mexikorn T2 :brain:
Arvee T2 :brain:

joeder T1/T2/T3 :rat:
PlayerofDom T2 :rat:
Elenaaa T2 :rat:
Tiero T2 :rat:
Darthbinks T2 :rat:

Xerdor T2 :mantelpiece_clock:
AutumnLeif T2 :mantelpiece_clock:
Kenta :mantelpiece_clock:

Xyathn T1 (or :fox_face:)
MyChemicalDeath T1/T2 +1
Martin T1/T2
Tea007 T1 +1
loghorn T2
capu T1/T2
Col_Mustard_Ret T1 +1
mickey1356 T1


Looking forward to joining the Candle-Adventure at T2 again :slight_smile:

[…]could run one of the Book of Crypts adventures - one shot horror/mysteries for T1/T2

looking at @ThatGuyTed 's table: seems an T1 adventure it is.

(Does anyone have preferences in terms of theme or playstyle? Or recently played modules to avoid repetition… :slight_smile: )

Hello, returning after almost 2.5 years :wave:
I can play T1 or T2, looking forward to friday

I’ll be there with a T1 and will have two new players with me. If they’re not able to be at a table with me, it’d be good if they were able to stay together.

Id love to join ted’s rodent adventures if possible, alternatively a table of any tier that would have me.

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I will be there for @Unsniped ´s game :mantelpiece_clock:

I can run a T1 adventure, but would prefer to play any tier.

Will be there with Harry!

after a longer absence i am joining again preferably at unsniped’s table

Can’t make it unfortunately

Hello! I’m new here and I’d like to join tomorrow with a T1!

@Emma @Xyathn
won’t run ゆうやけこやけ tomorrow
but will gm it on a later date :slight_smile:

will join as a :rat: player

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No worries, you definitely deserve some time as a player too! Will bring a T2 as well, I’d love to join @Unsniped Clock if there’s room, and work on keeping the world from falling apart.

One of my new players had something come up and won’t be able to attend, so it’ll just be me +1.

Would be there, would love to join @Rayce_Kaiser for lost minds if there’s still a slot