The V.A.L.U.E. of Coordination

Sadly I need to skip this Friday, but Nym and I would love to join for the final session!

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Is the final session next week or in 2?

Will be there for Brancalonia

Not next week, probably in 2 weeks


Yo would be any T1-2 Campaign from the modules this Friday?

I’ll be there with a preference for playing at a T2 table (if jboimler has room, or if Lux)Tenebraeque DM’s one), but will also have a T1 Char in case there’s not room at the T2’s

I would like to join. I have been participating last time

Will also come, preferentially to join another Brancalonia game, but am also happy to join any other table.


I can play or run a t1-2, as needed.

Id like to join any T1-T3 table that has space.

I’m not feeling well so I have to cancel for tonight.

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Will have to cancel as well. Has been an exhausting week.


need to cancel, have fun guys

U1 has issues, elongating my trip to the Lego store. Will be like 15 minutes late unfortunately.

Running few min late

Gonna be 15 minutes late

Thanks to Giovanni - @neon.tetra , Polk - @FoggyPortents , Mirla - @Zaza_Momine , Marnarius - @eeni34 , and Finnea Fox - @Tea007 for playing through the Tomb of the Screaming Skull.

Running low on funds, our heroes take on a task from the recently ressurected Marchioness to go poison his killer Skullcrusher. Bringing along Fluffy the viperwolf cub that Finny had recently ‘domesticated’ our heroes set out for the city of Forza aboard the Miss Fit Z and their familar crew.

Arriving into Forza, the dockmaster is convinced by this party of two bards, two rogues and a blade-singer that they are a travelling performing troupe and on asked for places to go, recommends the fighting-pit at the Circular Spine.

Spending a day practicing and publicising their show, the crew turn up wt the circular spine, have Fluffy eat the booked performer and then put on a daredevil show with flaming oil, blade-dancing and, viper-wolf riding all accompanied by the two bards virtuouso performances. The crowd loves them, the passed hat is filled with coppers and distracted patrons do not notice their pockets being further picked. Elated, our heroes proceed into a full night of carousing after the performance and find themselves in the company of local ne’erdowells who cover their tabs in return for future favours.

A sober Mirla recollects all this and deduces their drinking buddies last night were the Gatebreakers, who work with Skullcrusher, as they regroup and plan the next day - most of which is spent duplicating a valuable document that was lifted during the show last night. Finally getting back out on the town, the group decides to intercept their carousing companions and after pitching their idea of a follow on show with Skullcrusher as the star, they are given direction to where he resides in the petrified forest and sent to what the Gatebreakers assume is their certain doom.

Another nights rest and the party set off into the great forests, turning the tables on some goblin spice plantation press gangs and using the official seal stolen from the dockmaster to assert their authority. With paroled prisoners and a goblin-cart of pepper they proceed onward toward the Petrified Forest.

Finally they find the howling desolation of the Petrified Forest and within it the fallen Tomb of the Screaming Skull. Unsettled by the howling winds, the prisoners flee, and the goblins wail their doom but the party proceeds. Coming to the base of the fallen tomb they find a campfire with an armoured, helmed figure sitting by it. Once the figure is revealed to be Skullcrusher they pitch their performance idea but find it humourlessly rejected. Further discussions are cut short by Skullcrusher bringing his great beaked axe into play and a fight ensues.

After significant effort, Skullcrusher is downed and then loaded onto the cart to haul back. Another performance at the Circular Spine goes well and then the party sets sail for home and reward by the Marchioness.

Everyone gets 150gp from the sale of the pilferings from the performance at the Circular Spine after the cost of feeding Fluffy and running the Golden Cockerel. Everyone also has access to a +1 weapon of their choice as you take or trade Skullcrushers Axe.

The Marchioness has also assigned the illusionist apprentice Alfonse to ‘extended practical studies’ at the Golden Cockerel to help out.


@Arthilas, @FoggyPortents, @katnyx and @Lenzi-boy

Thank you for delving into the Valley of Screams and helping Dara awaken the Lost souls she is looking for.

You get:

  • 480 GP

and one of the following magical items:

hope you had as much fun as myself in Avernus.


@Col_Mustard_Ret @Bearberry @Lux_Tenebraeque and @InvincibleInk

Thanks for the great game!

You have managed to track down one of the energy sources at Vindobona, helped its guardian spirit and re-established connection to the spirit realm by re-planting the Tree of Life at the camp. image

Rewards: At first castrum Vindobona was not impressed by the party (dissapeared for 2 months and came back with a sprout). However, soon after the tree has sprouted the “incidents” with rising dead have stopped leading to much higher appreciation of the party’s efforts.

  • For relieve of zombie attacks grateful Centurion awards you all with 6 month pay (110 denarii for the soldiers of the Legion and Roman citizens; 30 denarii for auxillary (non-roman) mercs). Syl (@Lux_Tenebraeque) is additionally granded 10 denarii for decoding of the letter to commander Tiberius (penalty of 10 denarii applied for burning half of the letter in the process).
  • Strange lump of dirt found at the abandoned fishing village turned out to be a gold nugget turned into a necklace (total cost of 3 aurei)
  • The night following the re-planting of the Tree of Life the guardian spirit of Vindobona and his companion Sudomir visits the party in their dreams revealing location of prehistoric artefact. The dig reveals an ivory Ring of Animal Influence:

Note: this ring can only be used within this mini-campaign, outside of campaign it turns into Ring of Swimming). Only one party member can wear this ring at the time within the campaign.

Currency conversion:

  • 1 Denarius = 4 silver pieces
  • 1 Aureus = 1 gold piece

Looking forward our next game! At the moment I plan for Saturday 22 at Sägewerk but will take plans of players from episodes 1&2 into account - please PM me if you want to join but can’t make it on 22nd.

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