The V.A.L.U.E of Blasphemy

"Amidst the hallowed lands blessed by the Miracle, a devout congregation abides, ensnared within the embrace of its divine influence. Wander forth, valiant penitent, and uncover the enigmas veiled within the sanctified corridors and sacred sanctums.

With fervent devotion, embark upon a pilgrimage to reveal the sacred truth that lies beyond the towering spires and celestial veils. Traverse the sacred pathways and holy precincts, for therein lies the crux of revelation.

Yet, take heed, intrepid pilgrim: as you delve into the depths of faith, confront the shadows that lurk within your own soul. For amidst the sacred mysteries, true enlightenment is the guiding light amidst the tempestuous trials.

Thus, fortify yourself with unwavering faith and righteous zeal, for the struggle against misconception draws near, and only through the purity of belief may the congregation find harmony and redemption."

Further Info :european_castle:

  • Sessions willl take place in WOWKeepers on V.A.L.U.E Fridays
  • Session 1 will take place at the end of may or in the beginning of june
  • starting level will be lvl 5

If you´re interested or have further questions just reply to my post in this topic:)


I will post more details later!