The Thursday Game

So, who’s up for a game on Thursday? Who wants to play? Who has something to run?

I’ve a Dread game to offer.

Sadly Im not here:) Good luck you guys:)

Dread is the game with the Jenga tower, right? I would be up for that (if we have enough players). I also have a copy of the game “Troika” wich I would like to try out in some thursday game night.

Yes, Dread is the game with the Jenga tower.

@irx is this Dread game related to tatoos?

No, that was the previous game I ran. This game is related to Australia.

Jenga I like, dread I’ve never heard of, curious to try :slight_smile:

@irx yes, I was there and I quite enjoyed it.
I’ll try to join to this one, too

Sorry, something came up today, I can’t make it.

so does this leave us with a playable roster?

Not really. So it’s better to reschedule until another week.

So, no game today. See you next week.

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A shame. Hopefully we have more people next time.

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