The Tevern

The Tevern

This shall be an In-Character-Thread, open for everyone who likes to attend.
Present your character and the world/system it comes from.
As there is no Game-Master here, everyone has equal rights to interact with the Tevern, however s/he likes

Depending on where you come from, you either heard of it only in hushed tones, or children’s tales, have heard it being be-sang in bard’s songs or read of it in ledgers (be they hand-written, right off the print or in any other form).
However you gathered the knowledge of this place, you only understand it’s basic concept: a place to meet, everyone, from every place and every time.

Having found your passage to the Tevern for the first time, you pass through a portal that automagically brings you to the section best suited for your body (or lack of it). Coming out of the portal, you stand/dive/fly/exist in a spot best fit to your understanding of a place of meeting, be that an open range, a gathering hall, a tavern, a bar, disco, chat-room…

You understand that this is a place of meeting others. Those others won’t know your customs, might not understand your way.
You also feel that this is a place of interaction, and that it is encouraged. You know that blood-shed is not forbidden, as it can be a way of getting to know another, but this is no place of war, or personal fights.
The thought of killing another visitor makes you shudder, though you don’t know why.

Someone comes close to you, someone you recognise as a barkeeper (or the closest your world has to it). He speaks (in your native tongue): “Welcome to the Tevern. This is the place the Tevern itself thought would make you feel most at home, without being your home.
What can I bring you?”

Please keep your postings “In character”!
Start with describing your character and the surroundings (where the Tevern put him).
Then let your character wander over into the main room, where he can meet every other one.
The main room closely resembles your typical, bigger city, medieval tavern, but the clientele is much more diverse.

Cool wind passes by Sothal’s face, once he steps through the portal.
Slowly the eyes, which were squeezed shut, relax and open to see.
Open grassland. Low rolling hills with small groups of trees.

Much like Wem, but not. The scent is off. The trees look… wrong. The blades of the grass are shorter, broader than the ones Sothal remembers. The grass is growing less dense. The earth beneath his paws is softer, a bit more orange than that of Wem.

The four-legged creature that stepped through the portal, strides a few paces forth. The lower body of a lion parting the sea of grass, carrying in place of his head the upper body of a small humanoid.
Hair and beard build a mane around the face of a dwarf, though the nose is more flat, and the ears clearly stand out.
A backpack made of hide is secured on the back of the lions body, while a hardened leather armor conceals the torso and humanoid arms. One hand with short, thick fingers has an easy grip on a throwing spear.

Over the whisper of the wind, he hears someone wading through the grass towards him.
“Welcome to the Tevern. This is the place the Tevern itself thought would make you feel most at home, without being your home.
What can I bring you?” the stranger speaks.
Sothal lowers his spear, that he had raised on instinct. “Ale.” he stutters back, still a bit perplexed with the situation.
But hearing his own voice brings his mind to focus and he speaks up: “An ale would be great. Dwarven if you have any.”

Nodding, the human walks back away from Sothal, towards a dull grey wall close by. In the wall, a big wooden door is set in. Mounted on that door is a blackboard that now changes by itself. Sothal is surprised to find the blackboard display dwarven runes that read ‘main room’.
Besides that door, the wall has several racks well-stocked with bottles in many different shapes, as well as a board full with mugs.

Having filled a mug, the human barkeep hands it over to Sothal, who still studies the door and the blackboard on it.
“Here’s your dwarven ale. The Tevern informed me, that you are from Wem, so I brought you a brand of something local to your place of origin.”
Sniffing the air, Sothal recognises the scent of the ale. Grinning he replies: “Have my thanks, good man. So, this is but an ‘antechamber’ to the Tevern?”
“That it is.” the barkeep gives back. “But it is one of the larger ones.
Are you ready to enter the main room?”
Taking a gulp of the ale, Sothal nods and opens the door, stepping through.