The Return of the Son of DoomCarrot - 19th-22nd September

Hi all!

I’ve been invited to give a talk in Vienna on the 20th, and will be in town from the evening of the 19th- evening of the 22nd.

Is anyone around to reminesce about the good old days?

  • DC

Doomcarrot, Doomcarrot … hang on, it’ll come to me … :b

How ya been?

Well, if he is like her mom, he is quite welcomed around here. Maybe my game on Thursday would be fitting occasion to meet, what do you say?

Sorry, I missed the date in the post… I won’t be around.

awesome :slight_smile:

hope you are doing fine

sadly I am super booked during the end of September :frowning:

In other news, your plant has five flowers. Five!

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