The new iPad

The reason I haven’t posted in the last couple of days. I picked up a “new” 3rd gen iPad the other day and I’m immensely impressed. The screen is unreal. It’s like looking at a glossy mag. I’m “trying out” a fair number of ebooks and PDFs and I’ve found a decent number of apps that will help with GMing.

It’s the Dogs Danglies :wink:

Funny, today a friend called me to help him set up his e-mail account in the Mail app (there was always an error message, for whatever reason), because he got the new iPad for his birthday.

I checked out the screen at McShark, looks amazing, but Apple fumbled big time with LTE, very unusual for Apple.

I doubt it was the engineers that fumbled with the LTE. I suspect it was the PR guys not knowing that there are different LTE-standards around the world.

The engineers probably took it as a test-run for the next iPhone.

Well, that’s my hope, anyways.

As for the 3rd iPad, I’m intrigued, though I would most likely take a WiFi-model, sans the mobile internet.

Which configuration did you get Neil?

I just picked up the entry level 16GB WiFi. I suppose the 32 is the sweet spot but I can’t justify apple prices for an extra 16 gig! Besides my iPod handles the music and the ps3 for films.

The only trouble is it makes my MacBook look like a relic from the 50s. I can’t believe the speed of the iPad.

As for the LTE stuff it definitely seems like a feature for the American market. If you live in a country with LTE that’s a bonus but not expected. England has zero LTE access!

My iPhone 3G is in need of a dire upgrade too!

But the main issue is, that even if you live in an area with LTE access you can’t use it because the iPad can only handle the frequencies used in Northern America, and that seems like an oversight, one that shouldn’t have happened.

I wouldn’t so much as call it amn oversight when, as I’m aware, there isn’t a market for LTE in Europe. It’s virtually non-existent. Wouldn’t make much sense for apple to support those frequency bands for such a low amount of users. At least it defaults to 3G.

It is a shame though that it’s not available everywhere but it’s hardly apple who are to blame.

I see your point, but I just don’t see the point of implementing a new technology that, if it were more widespread, still could only be used in one region. And advertising the speed benefits of a new technology in areas where it wouldn’t work, even if it were available, is just a faux pas imo.

And as for LTE coverage - without more devices being able to use it, it will grow rather slowly. But in the beginning UMTS was also barely available.