"The Lamenting Lighthouse" - a D&D 5E one-shot playtest (Spielbar, Tursday 4th of July, 19:00)

Hello adventurers!

I would like to offer a playtest for a D&D 5E one-shot I’m currently preparing for publication on DMs Guild - Spielbar, Thursday 4th of July, 19:00.

This adventure is called “The Lamenting Lighthouse”, and it is constructed as a 4 h one-shot. It has a nautical backdrop to tie in with the recently released “Ghosts of Saltmarsh”, with some heavy horror and mystery themes. You can get an impression from the attached cover image.

I already ran this for another group, and this would be a test for the changes I made afterwards (and, if things work out to my satisfaction, potentially the final test). So this will not be totally raw, but might have some bumps here and there :wink: If you consent, I would also list everyone who played as a playtester on the final product.

I need at least 3 people to run it, and I can accommodate a maximum of 7 - so please sign up here :slightly_smiling_face:

The adventure is designed for level 6 characters, but you can also bring your AL character of level 5-10 if you like (no AL bonuses or consequences from running this non-AL adventure, obviously, its just an offer in case you already have a character you like prepared). For anyone else, you can either prepare a level 6 character (all official material allowed) or you can take one of the pre-prints I’m going to prepare :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope to see you on the seas - and don’t let the seagulls bite you!


i’ll try my best to be there :smiley:

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I will be there too :slight_smile: I will bring my 6th lvl Half Orc Barbarian

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Would love to come but can’t tell for certain yet so if possible i would love to reserve a seat until 1st of july when i should be able to give a certain answer. I would love to Play an archer character that i would prepare. Just out of curiosity. What Kind of Equipment would our characters have (since at Level 6 one would have already aquired some stuff :wink: i.e. the character i would build doesnt start out with a longbow but i would buy one if possible)

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Sure, I can reserve you a seat :slightly_smiling_face: Regarding equipment, just assume you have 500 gp to spend and any mundane equipment is fair game (the only magic stuff to purchase would be healing potions). You can also pick one rare magic item and one common or uncommon magic item if you like (no gold cost, assume you got it in a previous adventure).

awesome thanks!

one more Thing: i guess we go Standard Array/pointbuy? aaaand i know i’m annoying at this Point BUT: what is your Goal for playtesting here? if it is AL then i fear that my character might turn out a bit OP with your Parameters :wink:

Yes, point-buy or standard array, please :slightly_smiling_face: Playtesting is not for AL purposes, this is a one-shot to be used in or adapted for home games. Don’t worry about OP - I don’t really believe that it exists in 5E ^^ The goal for me is just to figure out if the story is fun/interesting to play :slightly_smiling_face:

I would like to come with a genasi Divine soul
Do you allow items from Adventures or only from handbooks?
Because I would love that staff of defense :rofl:

I’ll probably be there too

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Still room to join?

I want to play a Druidess
I will PM you my character sheet, once I am ready

the concept will be basically this:


character sent :sunglasses:

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If you still have a spot left I’d be in too (Alistair here)

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Do you mean the Staff of Defense from “Lost Mines of Phandelver”? That thing is definitely overpowered as heck - but sure, its a one-shot, go ahead ^^ We count it as a rare item. We are so many players now that I have to scale up the encounters in any case - and you may need it, even with the standard encounters…

Okay, it seems that we have reached seven interested players now, so in theory we are full - however, feel free to still keep signing up, as some of the interests are uncertain.

For now, the primary list of people with an assured place at the table is:

I will put anyone who registers their interest in addition on a “waiting list”, in case one of those on the list above tells me they will not be available after all, in the end :slightly_smiling_face:

Well that Sounds promising :fearful:
Thank you, then I will take it :star_struck:

Cool stuff, should we send you our characters?

You can send me your sheets if you like (I always enjoy reading character sheets ^^ and I already got one from Darthbinks), but it’s not a requirement :slightly_smiling_face: I trust you all that you can build characters :wink: Part of the playtest is to figure out if the one-shot works well with any sort of characters, so I also won’t tweak anything in the adventure based on your character choices - just go with something that’s fun for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Be prepared for Dr. Horatio Percival Farnsworth then, world renowned researcher of the supernatural and proud Gnome!

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Researcher of the supernatural, eh? He may have some fun in this adventure then ^^