The greatest Adventure story you've encountered?

I found the following comment on an old Reddit thread. I found it pretty epic! What’s the greatest story you’ve ran/been a part of?

We had a campaign in D&D where we assembled a steampunk-ish time machine. After many sessions travelling through time, uncovering mysteries and learning harsh lessons about changing history, we had to stop a time-travelling cult from destroying the gods, and therefore the world. We failed.

Our machine crashed, we were stranded earlier than we had ever been able to travel. We found the Gods, but only a few of them were present- it was as if some had never existed. Then we realised- we had to become those Gods. Our party was entirely divine (Cleric, Paladin, Avenger, Invoker), and each of us was a worshipper of a god who had been unmade- and we were only people in existance with enough knowledge of forgotten deities to assume their roles.

But two of the players were worshippers of Io (in his twin forms of Tiamat and Bahamut, who of course would form later after Io’s ‘death’), and only one could become Io. The other would have to be the un-created Asmodeus.

So the most just, honourable and dedicated Lawful Good Paladin I’ve ever seen roleplayed became the god of tyranny and evil. If he hadn’t, the gods would never have defeated the primordials, and the world would never have been completed.

In our setting, Asmodeus is every bit the epitome of evil you would expect him to be. Nobody but the gods who abide his presence know him as otherwise. He adheres to his role because he knows he has to- and that in doing so, the world can exist. He can never tell anyone his duty, and noone who knows can ever discuss it.

In the farthest recesses of the Nine Hells, in a chamber sealed tighter than any other in existance is a pocketwatch of finest gnome craft with a photo of his family in it- his wife, son and little baby girl.

They were killed by an orc army marching under the orders and banner of Asmodeus. Their deaths are what drove him to become an adventurer.


Yeah that is a really epic story :wink:

The stories I ran sadly never got so far to get to the epic part…always to many Player changes :frowning:

The most epic story I ever played was about a character of mine, a female Aasimar cleric, who had been brought to the deity of her angelic father. There she was trained for a special purpose and then sent back to Faerun.

After she fullfiled her purpose she desperatly wanted back to the place of the deity on Mount Celestial. To achieve that she set out with a group of adventurers to get aid of sphinxes, impress or bribe deitys to speak forth for her cause, help the weak and defensless and to slay dragons and giants to get noticed by her deity.

The deity however had no further interest in her, since she already had fullfilled her purpose to him and as she carried on with her campaign, he also got a bit afraid of what he had set loose on the world. He knew he would have to recognise or get rid of her or she would turn to a fallen Aasimar sooner or later. He decided that she was too much of a risk to let her live and so he ordered a Planetar to despatch of her.

The group of adventurers were hunting a powerful dragon at this time and when they noticed that they were hunted themselves they tricked the dragon into believing that he was the true target of the Planetar. After a crazy fight the dragon, the Planetar and two of the adventurers were dead. Filled with griev and hatred because of the betrayal of the deity, the group set out to persuade mighty mortals and deities to help their cause. The fallen compaginons were resurected by a friendly feiry and in the end the adventurers had so many deities on their side that the deity who betrayed them was forced to live a mortal live in Faerun.

The campaign was so fun and epic to play that I wrote it down in the end and it became a 50 pages “short” story

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