The Great RPG Debates of '24

Nah, just playin’.

A couple of us are going to hang out with a beverage and shoot the breeze about RPGs and other random topics tonight.

7:30, Beaver Brewing, Liechtensteinstr.

Be great to see you there!

Won’t be able to make it until 7:50-8. Apologies.

See you guys later!

hope y’all have fun … would have liked to be there, but sadly my health disagrees

Not to worry. This is just going to be session 0 where we talk about getting together sometime.

How are we going to find each other, by the way? Should I just carry a sign saying “LOOKING FOR RPG NERDS”?

Yes. That seems like an excellent plan.

Thank God I have no shame

Just follow the ten-foot poles.

Also, Right Said Ted’s gonna be there, so head straight for the best-looking hombre in the place.

Tried rubbing my sign on all the handsome men but no one noticed me, will stand outside with my sign until I freeze to death

Aaannd officially freezing to death, so I’m going home. If someone there reads this please reach me on Discord, I don’t live far so I can always go back

To people who might worry about the last message, we figured it out about 5 mins later and had a great evening.

I confirm I did not freeze to death. I had to endure some awful opinions about 4th edition D&D, though.


Hyperbolic tongue in cheek debates are always entertaining. I think I even managed to insult Ted’s dice.

But in all seriousness, it’s always delightful to speak with people who are truly passionate about something. And when that something is something that you enjoy as well, all the more so.

Thanks, guys!


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