The full, illustrated Rulebook for Pagan Pacts is available as a Free Download

It’s been a long journey for me personally, testing and running the system over a bit more than a year now.

In the past months I’ve worked to revise all the art, rebalance some of the assets and get all the small details right. I’ve spent frenzied nights adding pages, only to slash it all in the following days. Keep in mind at the same time, that this is entirely a hobby project. I expect little if any compensation for the time and resources I’ve put into it. But the feedback I got and the joy I felt myself during the play tests kept me going.

So here it is: A small (40 page) system that mashes a few very old and a few new ideas together. Created with care and passion for the community.

Pagan Pacts is an easy and lightweight D20 roll under system. It’s geared towards fast-paced battles and debates in an early medieval world governed by the struggle between humankind and nature.

Find the PDF at:

I would love to hear your thoughts on my project here. And for anyone interested in trying it out, I will run episodic games every other thursday. So shoot me a message to get the infos.